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New apartment - all for one thousand dollars?

recently there were many ways to get habitation. Unfortunately, all expensive. Our correspondent has found a variant when the apartment can be received almost for nothing.

In the street the fellow has stretched a piece of paper: expensive ekaterinburzhtsy and visitors inhabitants. A leah you love a native city... Also want to live in it? Then enter the program my Habitation ... And phone.

Has agreed about a meeting. The address: Dobrolyubov, 9. A court yard with old low constructions, and the iron ladder from street upward conducts. Inside linoleum sovkovsky wall-paper ragged. Neither the computer, nor furniture decent.

Irina Sergeevna - " is literally from a threshold; the guide in my Habitation - has started to tell something like a tragical melodrama the Room question .

- the Mortgage - same horror any! One official registration of papers of 60 thousand costs. The bank still will refuse the credit, and money all the same will tear off. Co-operative society and share building too - a nightmare. Will expel, and 30 % of an initial payment to themselves will leave. Therefore it is your chance - to us to come. You put 1000$ or 3000$, and on an exit at you apartment. And that it is necessary to do - we to you on training will tell. 300 roubles a course. Further Irina Sergeevna has chaotically resulted so much arguments in favour of the program that the head refused to think. 15 % of the revenue in bank... Inflation eats... And at us of 24,6 %, moreover with the tax it is not assessed... For the introduction it is necessary IP .

- Yes not zaparivajtes you so, - medotochivo the woman advises. - when Alexander Semenov explained us everything, at us heads as taziki were. It at them like the guru. Was almost bomzhom, has passed the program and, according to Irina Sergeevny, flourishes with the salary of 1,5 million roubles in a month.

From all told I have understood that the company Esta - partner Moskovskgo of not State Pension fund, whose activity under a sight at the state. Therefore contributions there are very reliable. The company puts money of participants in bank and in securities. The part of the income of investments departs to the participant of the program, will not collect yet on apartment. It is better to involve friends. The turn is more, the income above. To receive apartment for 50 000$, it is necessary to involve 100 000$ investments.

- as in network marketing, - I have noticed.

- so - that yes, - Irina Sergeevna has agreed. - Only we do not sell stockings. We suggest people to get a roof over the head really. The Moscow legal office " checks cleanliness of all transactions; JUrservis .

Later I have found out that in JUrservise any Esty do not know. In the Moscow not State Pension fund Esta only the ordinary investor. Therefore if Esta will discount all money and will withdraw in an unknown direction, to fund under the law of any claims.


Tatyana Kovtunovsky, the expert of the Ural chamber of real estate:
- In your case all is very suspicious. When it is necessary to entice someone is, most likely, a pyramid. Besides, percent from company operations Esta - only 14 annual, can, hardly it is more. If to consider that the person manages a part of the income of the involved investments, it is necessary to save for apartment long. Very long.

it is concrete:
the Maximum that you can to lose in bank if to you will refuse mortgage loan delivery - 350 roubles.