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Architects have plundered on a half-million

to Troy criminals have taken out almost all equipment

Most of all in this business of inspectors has surprised impudence of predators. With themselves they have brought the welding device with which have opened the safe of the bookkeeper and have stolen hundred thousand catfishes.

malefactors obviously on navodke operated. From a huge premise of Heads - architecture they for 3 hours had time to pull out almost all available equipment: computers, tape recorders, printers. Locks on doors have not been hurt. Means, night visitors had keys. By the way, in offices where there was no technics, they did not come at all.

- at me have dragged off not only the computer, but even the keyboard and columns from it, - employee Glavarhitektury, wished to remain the unknown person has told. - but it of anything. Here at our chief (the main architect of capital Kanybeka Narbaeva. - the Comment red.) From an office even the TV have pulled down.

as has informed a press - service of Ministry of Internal Affairs KR, about eleven o`clock in the morning to the watchman the young man of the Asian nationality was knocked. He has asked to call. Has told that is engaged in calculation of bulletins in a library building that opposite. This day passed voting by University district. Having made a call, the guy has warned the watchman that will come once again. Exactly an hour later it has returned. As soon as the security guard has opened a door, on it two have snatched, have put to a throat a kitchen knife and have connected a cord.

surprises also that inhabitants of a high-rise building (Glavarhitektura is on the house ground floor) have suspected nothing.

- all the evening long and first half of night I heard any noise, - inhabitant Ekaterina Mihajlova has informed. - But I knew that near to us there are elections, and has thought that noise is connected with it. Therefore I at all did not begin to look out in a window.

to carry away all thieves were not in time. They have left a part of technics about an emergency exit. Probably, someone has frightened off them. While the caused damage is not estimated yet, but, under the information available for us, it makes almost a half-million of catfishes.