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Gasoline will rise in price till the end of September?

PETROLEUM PRODUCTS not only will jump up in the price, but also there are deficiency

Petrotraders give unfavourable forecasts - the prices for gasoline will grow. Only for September of PETROLEUM PRODUCTS rose in price twice. As suppliers promise are yet a limit. A rise in prices twice above, than usually. Cost on oil products changes almost every day.

- today we not in a status to predict, PETROLEUM PRODUCTS in the end of a month will cost how much, - the vice-president of Association of petrotraders Uhlan Bazarkulov has told to us. - If earlier the Russian factories - suppliers warned us in advance when and on gasoline now and they cannot make the quotation how much will rise in price.

it is quite possible that, besides a rise in price, kyrgyzstantsy will face also deficiency of gasoline. The matter is that to allocate PETROLEUM PRODUCTS in those volumes which are necessary for us, factories cannot. The association of petrotraders searches other partners.

- Now we carry on negotiations with suppliers from Turkmenia, - Uhlan Bazarkulov speaks. - It is known that quality of gasoline there good. It already delivered in Osh - nobody complained. However, the prices at Turkmen oil refining factories above, and a cost of transportation big.

by whose fuel there will go kyrgyzstanskie motorists, it becomes known only in the end of September. Our suppliers hope that nevertheless it will be possible to agree with the Russian manufacturers. Relations with them are adjusted for a long time already.

simple motorists should hope for the Kazakh smugglers. The matter is that in Kazakhstan in the price country on gorjuche - lubricants twice below export. It is illegal to take out gasoline to Kyrgyzstan for their citizens very favourably.