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The parliament has handed over Aydar Akaeva

Russia will not give out the son eks - the president, lawyer Akaevyh

Till last moment Aydar Akaeva`s destiny assures hung by a thread. In the morning deputies declared session closed. The official version says that legislators discussed regulations subtleties . Then journalists all - taki have let in on a balcony, and members of parliament have continued discussion.

- the deputy commission has not resulted to us normal proofs of fault of Aydar Akaeva, - has declared Marat of Sultans. - therefore we cannot deprive of its inviolability!

is all - demagogy! - minded to doubting Kubatbek Bajbolov. - Now the consequence cannot give proofs. After all the Office of Public Prosecutor has no right to interrogate the deputy. It is necessary to grant it the right to begin an investigation against Aydar Akaeva.

Wanted to listen and Aydar Akaeva. But it to Bishkek again has not arrived.

- it is literally on Sunday to me have called and have told: If Aydar arrives to Bishkek, it will be its last trip - the lawyer of a family Maxim Maksimovich has informed journalists. - This time the person was presented. It the son of one very high-ranking head of Kyrgyzstan. Who exactly called - I will not begin to speak.

after two-hour debate and performance of public prosecutor Beknazarova it has been decided to vote. And that all was as much as possible fair and is transparent, have chosen very unusual procedure - nominal bulletins. Process has occupied almost hour. Deputies called to a tribune and gave out bulletins. More close by the voting end one of deputies has shaken a head and has told to me that Aydar Akaeva`s State Office of Public Prosecutor will not receive. I have shared news with all colleagues and Maksimovichem. That did not begin to hide pleasure and has there and then called the clients:

- Hallo! Askar Akaevich?! - He has almost cried in phone tube. All balcony has distracted from voting and has almost crowded round the lawyer. - they now vote. Almost all already Well I will necessarily call back to you later!

But the destiny has turned away from Aydar Akaeva. Under regulations 51 deputy should tell yes to deprive the colleague of inviolability and to prosecute it. To collect such quantity of votes very difficultly - 53 deputies have voted for immunity Aydar Akaeva`s deprivation, - chairman Schetnoj of commission Sooronbaj Zheenbekov has put end. - 6 - against 6 bulletins are spoilt.

It has turned out that the son eks - the president was handed over by deputies who named proakaevskimi .

- I consider that the Office of Public Prosecutor should acquire the right to investigate cases on Aydar Akaevu, - has explained the decision of Temir Sariev. - If now to refuse to law enforcement bodies criminal things become political and will hang on us heavy cargo. Let the court following the results of a consequence will solve: Aydar Akaev is guilty or not.

Upset Maksimovich quickly has collected things and has left from a balcony. To the overtaken journalists he has told that Russia never will give out Aydar Akaeva Kyrgyzstanu.

- there fine understand that this political prosecution. Probably, to it will give the status of the political refugee, - he has informed. - but we do not intend to surrender and we will protest the parliament decision in court. We long were silent. Time has come to tell all about it! And Azimbek Beknazarov celebrated victory. However, while nobody represents, in what image the State Office of Public Prosecutor will manage to catch the son eks - the president.