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That has achieved the White house ?

Split among revolutionaries - the first and most important version of the people politicising or simply observing of it. Very few people believes the official version, all was drawn at once by parallels with Georgia and Ukraine.

- to whom the rectilinear and obstinate general public prosecutor is necessary such ershistyj?! - Deputy Kubatbek Bajbolov has asked a question. - Abusing position is only a pretext. Actually at the present country leaders it is impossible to operate democratically. Here also have dismissed Beknazarova.

On a broader scale the elite has appeared not ready to such turns. It seemed to all that Beknazarov - one of symbols of struggle against an ancient regime and the founder new.

other politicians are careful in estimations, but the disappointment resignation do not hide. In bayonets have conceived resignation of Beknazarova its co-workers - operating ministers of Alevtina Pronenko and Ismail Isakov. Yesterday in the morning they together with the disgraced public prosecutor tried to talk to the president. Now revolutionaries think to retire. Journalists with might and main speak about revolution and democracy crash, put forward the versions and are, seemingly, lost. It is not known, the new power wanted to achieve that, leaving Beknazarovym, but it has received, more likely, mistrust to herself. And the former public prosecutor from the simple hero gradually turns to the superhero of our epoch.