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corruption has defeated it he is assured

It waited in the morning at the State Office of Public Prosecutor. Beknazarov should give a press - conference. But, as it has appeared, at this time in the White house there was its conversation with Bakievym. More close by noon otstavnik has appeared in parliament. With journalists it to communicate first did not become, but later all - taki was spent by a press - conference.

outwardly Beknazarov looked serious, but not stifled. Has read all the statement - the such small report on the done work. And then began to answer questions.

- probably, I will leave in opposition, - Azimbek Anarkulovich has responded to a question on the future. - I will think, a leah it is necessary to me to stand. My district now is free. There on November, 27th will pass elections. The resignation connects only with a policy and all charges of state commission rejects. Beknazarov it is assured that it was defeated by corruption. Beknazarov tried to meet with the president and to discuss the resignation.

- It is a pity To me that the president has not wanted with me and my co-workers to talk, - where - that even with grief was said by him. - Bakiev has told that the decree is signed, and to talk there is nothing. My co-workers-ministers want to resign. I persuade them not to do it. I do not want, that at us was the same as and in Ukraine.

Beknazarov and to the fellow tribesmen Was converted. On hearings, in Aksyjsky area people began to gather. The revolution native land rises again on protection of the hero. The former public prosecutor has asked them not suit the pedestrian campaigns and meetings. All should be under the law, Beknazarov considers.