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For what Beknazarova

have dismissed Eks - the public prosecutor again accuse of abusing powers

On Monday late at night the country have informed on dismissal of the public prosecutor. It appears, Azimbek Beknazarov day and night struggling with criminals, roughly broke UPK and used the office position that has led to conditions destabilization in the Penalty - Sujsky area and to double murder.

this conclusion was made by specially created state commission on finding-out of the reasons of crisis in a city the Penalty - Suu. About the conclusions she has informed journalists in the tenth o`clock in the evening already after news on dismissal of the public prosecutor. The chairman of commission Busurmankul Tabaldiev assures that on June, 13th at hostel Alaj in crowd of the unarmed people, trying to storm hostel Alaj (where is office of well-known deputy Bajamana Erkinbaeva), Saparali Akanov and Ajbek Chomoev shot. Presumably, both are the nearest co-workers of Erkinbaeva. They have absconded, but through the lawyer were converted into the State Office of Public Prosecutor from the guilty. Their statement as the commission believes, Beknazarov has considered personally. As a result to participants of execution have changed a preventive punishment to a subscription about nevyezde. The director of the market " has been then killed; turatali Abdalim Zhunusov. The commission is assured that all same Akanov and Chomoev took part in this evil deed.

- Murderers have got into the house of Zhunusova and two shots in a head have killed him, - Tabaldiev tells. - If not connivance of the general public prosecutor these criminals would not be released on freedom under a subscription about nevyezde, this crime, maybe, would not be made.

after murder mass stirrings in the Penalty - Suu, as it is known, have begun, at some o`clock the building of local Office of Public Prosecutor has been grasped. The people have demanded resignation of Azimbeka Beknazarova. According to committee-men, they hardly managed to persuade people to save calmness and to refuse a campaign to Bishkek. When Kurmanbek Bakiev has familiarised with results of work of state commission, it has made decision to dismiss Beknazarova.


the Situation in the Penalty - Sujsky area was stabilised. As the first deputy of SNB Abdizhalil Dzhamalov has informed, inhabitants have developed 2 yurtas and 4 tents on a central square of a city and hold peace meetings.

and here on the small native land of Beknazarova, in Aksyjsky area, on hearings, the people have started to gather. However, in a call centre Aksyjsky ROVD this information have denied. As they said, the situation in area stable also is completely supervised by forces of law and order.