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The rise in prices for PETROLEUM PRODUCTS can stop

Gasoline will not rise in price if agree with Kazakhstan

Domestic motorists thanks the largest Russian oil refining factories can to tell. They have agreed to freeze a rise in prices at least till the end of this year. Now, maybe, gasoline will not rise in price and in Kyrgyzstan.

- if also Kazakhs will agree not to raise cost we will finish this year with the today`s prices for PETROLEUM PRODUCTS, - with reserved optimism the president of Association of petrotraders of Kyrgyzstan tells Bazarbaj Mambetov. - the Association continues to adhere to a policy of restraint of the prices, despite an oil rise in price all over the world.

now from Russia to Kyrgyzstan 60 % of gasoline arrive approximately. All carry the rest from Kazakhstan. Since October of delivery therefrom will increase. But our petrotraders continue negotiations with Turkmen factories.

- Every year in the summer Kazakhstan enters restrictions on export of PETROLEUM PRODUCTS into our country, - explains Bazarbaj Mambetov. - At them the harvest harvest season begins. Kyrgyzstan should ask at this time supports from Russia. Probably, Turkmen gasoline becomes for us a lifesaver.