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He had a presentiment of fast destruction

Bajaman Erkinbaev lived in the house 111 along the street Gogol of 13 years. Neighbours began to notice its presence only recently when it had a protection. Strong children went with automatic machines napereves and frightened children. Jeeps on which security guards of the deputy moved, partitioned off journey to a court yard, called in on a children`s playground. When the people`s choice rose in the apartment, an entrance surrounded also anybody in it did not start up. In general, Erkinbaev gave to neighbours of troubles much. It is literally in the last target tenants of the house have noticed that jeeps are not in the yard any more. Hearings have spread that security guards of Bajamana have arrested.

- we still were surprised, asked his wife Cholpon as it now one will go, - neighbours in a platform have told to us. - at it still the habit was bad. It when sat down, the car always bypassed. We speak to it: Bajaman, you leave an entrance, open the nearest door and sit down in the car. What for to other party you go? .

- and unless it left, when at it shot?

- yes. The car has approached, it has gone down. And the his sister and the wife in a window of the third floor looked, saw off. Him have killed directly at them in the face of. All of us heard shots, and then female shout.

- how much was shots?

- three times has slapped. We have thought, children of a petard blow up. Usually at us in a court yard children play late. And we sit with neigbours long. And this evening anybody in a court yard was not.

- where the killer could hide?

- yes anywhere. Though in those bushes, opposite to an entrance of Bajamana. At us in the evening such darkness. Any lantern does not burn. Though nearby stand - it is not visible.

Inspectors usually say that coincidence does not happen. Where so Bajamanu Erkinbaevu urgently was required to go? Why it left in a court yard while there was nobody? Why its protection have arrested directly before murder?

Bajaman Erkinbaev has bought apartment in the street Gogol from brother Almazbeka Ismankulova. Some years the deputy did not pay the bill. Shortly before murder it has completely liquidated a debt before ZHSK and has paid till the end of the year.

until recently it seldom saw relatives. Several months ago Bajaman Erkinbaev began to invite often them to itself, met, helped them. It as though prepared for death.

in a court yard to all there were preparations for funeral of the deputy. Two yurtas, military tent for kitchen have put. Will bury Bajamana Erkinbaeva in Bishkek in spite of the fact that he time most part lived in Oshe.

- What for it there to carry. In Oshe people against it are adjusted. When stirrings in the Penalty - Suu have begun, all its relatives here have arrived, - the neigbour the aunt of Volume tells. - the wife of its children has brought here. Younger - the first-grader, has gone to our school, and seniors in a special school study.

the Photo: Vyacheslav OSELEDKO

One of relatives of the killed deputy has informed DETAILS to the correspondent of a detail of a crime.

when the first shot has sounded, Erkinbaev has pushed into the car of the driver, than, probably, has saved to it life. One of bullets has got to this moment in the member of parliament.

as child-hood friend Erkinbaeva - Dooron Nuriev has told to us, in a court yard there were two acquaintances of the victim. They could make out the person of the murderer. It was the tall man, hook-nosed, is similar to the Caucasian. Under indications of friends, the identikit of the criminal is already made.

the relative and acquaintances have run up at once to lying on the earth Erkinbaevu. He has ordered: Quickly carry me in hospital! . It were its last words. On the way to hospital he already spoke nothing. In National hospital, according to confidants, still live Erkinbaeva have accepted badly. Long searched for doctors. Relatives and friends consider that the wounded man could be rescued

the Official version of murder

As informs a press - service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, on Wednesday at ten o`clock in the evening Bajaman Erkinbaev together with the driver has approached on the house along the street Gogol. When the deputy left the car - some shots have sounded. Presumably shot from the bushes growing in a court yard. The consequence has indications that all the evening long in a court yard where the house of the deputy settles down, saw the unfamiliar man dressed in a jacket, dark trousers and a cap. When the car of the member of parliament has approached, the murderer has hidden behind lorry ZIL parked about an entrance. While Erkinbaev has opened a door of the Audi the man has looked out of shelter and has some times shot at the deputy. On noise sister Erkinbaeva has come running and has brought the wounded man to national hospital where he has died in resuscitation. On a scene have found out one bullet and three sleeves presumably from a pistol of Makarova. Erkinbaev has received two gunshot wounds in a chest: one of them has got to heart, another has a little touched heart.


Why at Erkinbaeva were not protection?

Under the informal information, on Monday protection of Bajamana Erkinbaeva was arrested by militia. For what reason - it is not known. A press - service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs neither to deny, nor confirm the information could not. The minister of VD Murat Sutalinov at session ZHK has declared that did not know about absence last three days at Erkinbaeva of protection. Moreover, since Monday militiamen were ready to protect the deputy, but it why - that did not use their services.

the sister killed, appearing on television, has declared that protection of the deputy was arrested by militiamen. She through the inspector of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has tried to bribe at a rate of 20 thousand American dollars that bodyguards have let out. Money took, but through certain time again has returned, and security guards has not let out.

it is told

the Photo: Vyacheslav OSELEDKO

Who following? It is a question which disturbs today many.

I think that on to the scenario is I. The second time will not miss! Though, God sees - I would be not not passed by a death fate for the first time if I was so is guilty, what want to expose.

and will kill me Ryspek or Its people for what, likely, will close it for a lattice even for one murder which it did not make!

to me thus will pay due respects and will mournfully wait a funeral, and all once again will write off on property repartition and an underworld lawlessness .

Bajaman ERKINBAEV, deputy Zhogorku Kenesha of Kyrgyzstan, from the letter published on a site www. gazeta. kg on September, 19th.