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Leah is able to sing our platform?

experts confirm: not only that is not able, so does not want also to study!

Business is, and show?

- To be stunned, yesterday all the day long has killed on record of one song of the singer! - the familiar sound producer complains. - same it is necessary! Like known the person, is a lot of years on a platform, and to notes does not get categorically. zareksja to work with such, but where from them! Has told to it a joke: you supposedly sing scale, I then itself will cut. Has not understood, whom I meant, have laughed. So anything also have not achieved, all was necessary it jambs is artificial to level

the Banal episode from life of domestic show - business where, as it is known, business any is available, and here show is more exact, there is a cohort of actors which, probably, could do these shows, but they do not have money. But money is at those who is not able to sing, but can drive with unknown success under Plywood on all cities and vesjam republics.

it is known that the people great bulk in any country prefers music easier. All is equal to weight - in how much octaves a range at the concrete singer, what difficult sizes and what quantity of chords it uses. It let aesthetes savour . And for the majority all is defined much easier, a narrow-minded principle it is danced it is danced, sung it is sung . And our person with pleasure shares money with actors, which step on the stage simply to open a mouth under a soundtrack! In Russia the law forbidding ", for example, prepares; plywood at concerts. And in the next Uzbekistan the executor or the organizer of a concert is obliged to write in the poster: the Concert passes with soundtrack use .

Collective farm and the pro

Conditionally speaking, our platform shares on two parts. The first - collective farm as it name in a party (yes actors will forgive me), it is calculated on wide audience basically not city origin are workers of the numerous markets, migrants from countryside. Executors sing unpretentious unpretentious songs. They collect packed houses already last years 15. However in the end of 90 - h on the big scenes the new layer of variety music - those whom now conditionally name " began to make the way; firmachami or professionals . It is wide enough list - from Aktana Isabaeva and groups Eles Insan to Gulnur Satylganovoj and Gulnary Tojgonbaevoj.

Tynaj Alybaev, besides bright appearance, possesses also a quite good voice.

- I remember, there was time when them simply did not understand and did not accept, - Raphael Sarlykov managing variety branch of National conservatory, the chief specialist on a vocal in republic tells. - these children of a new formation did not pursue cheap popularity, did not begin to enter into repertoire of a song which public waited. Made a start from the enough quite good, it is necessary to tell, musical taste. Probably, it seemed to much almost unreal, but for 2 - 3 years this layer of a platform has pressed actors who earlier on a scene dominated. Also have not simply pressed, but also have taken away a part of their audience. Basically, the investigator now prefers strictly either that, or these. But happen and versatile persons . I consider that independently here there is Gulnur Satylganova. Thanks to correctly picked up repertoire, image, a good voice she has managed to win and that, and other investigator.

nevertheless Aktan or Yryskeldy on the solo performances in sports Palace could to hammer the people hardly, and here at Beka Borbieva with notices of problems are not present.

I will learn to sing - I will lose individuality?

It is said that some weak singers nevertheless undertook attempts to be engaged in a vocal professionally. However after several employment due to various reasons refused to continue employment with experts. The most widespread excuse: if I learn to sing professionally, I can lose the individuality. Certainly, at spetsov the similar can raise only an indulgent smile. And here those who is able to sing alive and on - to the present, continue the music education. So, for example, Aktan Isabaev and Yryskeldy Osmonkulov only last year have finished conservatory.

Dinara Akulov has returned to the investigator the forgotten songs.

- But me it is pleasant, what in the Kirghiz platform the mutual aid system, - tells not on a dictophone other sound producer. Anonymously, because it still would like to work with a platform. - for example, N rings round the companions - singers: Listen, to me here European-quality repair should be made houses, will fulfil at me on solo performances in sports Palace? . Those agree. That is today they at it will sing a song free of charge, tomorrow - it at them. All are happy. Such system. Now, of course, the prices for real estate have grown, but about two years ago after concerts they both apartments, and cars to themselves, happened, bought.

By the way, the agiotage round concerts of the Kirghiz platform last years has fallen. If earlier really there could be on end 10 days notices now there is less than half of hall - an everyday occurrence. All - taki the people become legible.

- I have noticed for a long time, recently the young men, coming to arrive in conservatory on a variety vocal, at examinations even more often sing songs of ours professionals - Sarlykov speaks. - Moreover, sometimes even I hear, how they diligently copy a manner of this or that our executor. Means, probably, something is really corrected


Who is best sings?

the Executor the Characteristic a vocal Estimation (10 - a point. sist.) *
Aktan Isabaev the Fan to use receptions of a Black vocal that is traced in creativity, even performed by kyrgyzskojazychnyh songs. For live performances sometimes uses musicians of group Aura . Has own sound recording studio and the producer centre. 7,7
Gulnara Tojgonbaeva Has finished Polytechnic University. Music school - ensemble of a patriotic song Araket Raphael Sarlykova. Sometimes at concerts sings songs of Uitni Houston. Understanding assert that turns out not bad enough. 7,3
Yryskeldy It name one of gold voices of the Kirghiz platform. Officially - the best singer KR of 2001. At one time was the soloist in the first and while last Kirghiz musical Mahabat Zhyldyzy . 7,2
Gulnur Satylganova Is considered one of the best lyrical singers of Kyrgyzstan. Experts mark a strong voice, a good manner. On hearings, has entered into a platform as the protege of the rector of National conservatory Muratbeka Begalieva. 7
Tynaj Alybaev the Vocalist of group Insan on various polls admitted to one of sex - symbols of a modern domestic platform. Now acts under the stamp Insan as a duet with composer Erkinom Meerkanovym. 6,25
Rasul Mamatkulov Has studied to steam of courses in conservatory on a class of a classical vocal. In opinion spetsov the main weakness of the executor - songs of own composition which make a basis of its repertoire. 4
Erkin Mukashev the Author and the executor of the brightest hit of last year in Kyrgyzstan - Dance in the rain . Speak, one of the musicians most influential nowadays and producers. 3,6
Dinara Akulov On potential and a circle of investigators N.Kadyshevoj`s analogue in Russia. Among merits of the singer - the second life for many forgotten or not too known national songs. 3,5
Bek Borbiev On a platform began as akkordeonist. Probably, the main master on the Kirghiz platform to create popular songs in the people with improbably simple music and words. 3
Syjmyk Bejshekeev Leans on execution of songs of own composition. However unlike other representatives of a platform, according to experts, can brag of special melody of some products. There are the samples made in the spirit of the Kirghiz composers 70 - h - Usena Sydykova, Ryspaja Abdukadyrova, etc. 2,3

the Note.

* to Estimate the vocal data of our stars we have entrusted professionals - to sound producers who write down our stars and work with them at concerts, and also experts in a vocal. Probably, it is unique extraneous people who heard the present voice bolshej parts of our stars.

and At this time

How much they earn?

Fees of our actors - the information coded. However - taki it was possible to all of us which - what to find out. Speak, if stars call to sing on official action from any state structure, for one song many actors take about 2000 catfishes. If it is a private or corporate party - on the average from 50 to 100 dollars. And nowadays fashionable in capital Aktan Isabaev, Yryskeldy and group Insan for execution of one song (depending on a concert) ask also all $200 - 250. And here for the actors working for the general public, the main source of incomes all - taki are own solo concerts both in the big halls of capital, and on periphery. In Bishkek they prefer to act seldom, but neatly - their concerts (is more correct, 3 - 7 days on end) pass some concerts not more often than time in 4 - 6 months. Incomes at a certain deal can reach several thousand dollars.