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“ So we precisely will not construct democracy “

Readers together with all country discuss B.Erkinbaeva`s murder. Of them some Here is how have responded to the publication “ He had a presentiment of fast  destruction “ (from September, 23rd).

“ In our state becomes tradition all disputes and own desires to realise only by means of force and the weapon. So we precisely will not construct democracy. If the situation does not change in the near future akaevskoe the board will seem to us simply a fairy tale.

Anatoly S, the teacher of physics, Bishkek “.

“ In my opinion, the letter of Erkinbaeva which was quoted by many mass-media, - a fake. At least anybody and has not explained, how it has appeared on the Internet and who could make such literary editing of speech of the deputy which badly spoke on - russki. And the most important thing as in time it has appeared!

Rahim, Bishkek “.

“ Why such divergences in the version of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, neighbours and witnesses of a crime? About an identikit on a broader scale anybody speaks nothing. There is a description of the criminal why it do not pass on TV? If our militia reacts and further with same “ molnienosnostju “ this murder too remains not opened.

Sanzhar, the student of faculty of law, Bishkek “.

“ Journalists, spreading rumours, only disturb to a course of investigation. That Erkinbaev at you left, came home … That the wife witnessed, any relative. There is an official statement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Sutalinov all has very intelligibly told. Also it is not necessary to invent and print anything the unchecked facts. A leah is not enough that neighbours to you have told. They to militiamen so told!

At. S, the employee of criminal investigation department, Chujsky area “.