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Okenova have arrested for the laptop

the Former president Kyrgyzstan aba zholdoru accuse of abusing powers

Article 221 on which takes place Taalajbek Okenov, provides the penalty from 50 to 100 minimum icon settings. Since Thursday the former president KAZH is in custody with the formulation that did not interfere with a consequence . As the basis for detention the statement in transport Office of Public Prosecutor has served.

- this paper was signed by 10 persons, - son Aydar Okenov has told. - to the First there is a signature of the present president KAZH ZHumabaeva. Opposition between were and present heads of airline lasts not the first month. In the document addressed to Office of Public Prosecutor it has been told that Taalajbek Okenov has constructed to itself the house, has appropriated the airline laptop, took for work of the foreign expert with the high salary. The collective accused time and again the former president of disorder of a national air carrier. Except huge debts and worn out aircraft technicians, at airline remains nothing.

- Okenov suggested to create the commission on check of all presidents NAP KAZH - its lawyer Oleg Melnikov has declared. - so it would be possible to understand, who has finished airline to crash. Probably, it has strongly frightened someone.

the former workers Kyrgyzstan aba zholdoru are perplexed concerning this detention: large schemers go under a subscription about nevyezde, and Okenova have planted for what.

the Son of the former president of National airline looks very much podavlenno. On the person at Aydar I have noticed carefully disguised dint.

is I in football has unsuccessfully played, - he has assured.

Okenov - younger has told that his father now is in the Department of Internal Affairs on transport. To it start up nobody, except for the lawyer who passes the client meal. When Taalajbek Okenov will be released from - under guards while it is not known.