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New revolution approaches?

across Bishkek hearings about possible disorders

On Sunday late at night me have spread has woken a call of the friend - the tenant of a boutique in Dordoj - Plaze .

- However, that new revolution on October, 5th is planned?! - He has asked me. - speak, the Central Department Store for this time will be closed. Tenants therefrom have informed me.

it is possible, earlier I and have laughed over the friend. But after June, 17th the information on movements in large shopping centres guards. Then, at night on the eve of disorders, workers Plazy as it is known, have taken out all goods. Therefore I began to enquire at once.

- To be closed we do not gather, - the general manager of TsUMa Abdilla Arzymatov has declared to me. - Among sellers and tenants no panic is present, anybody is not going to be turned off. If God forbid, something similar happens, we, proceeding from the previous experience, know what to do. First of all we will strengthen protection and we will involve an additional safety force.

the majority of sellers TSUMa is valid anything about possible revolutions did not hear. However were also such who knows about forthcoming disorders .

- Yes, to us acquaintances have told that in the beginning of October something is planned, - the dealer mobile phones Marina admits. - a pier, to us southerners again will come and will arrange the next pogroms. To tell the truth, I do not think that March night of grandiose discounts will repeat. Now people will stand up for to death the property. As to us to leave Central Department Store we do not intend. Even in March we have managed to hold on. We will hold on and now.

it is quiet and in Dordoj - Plaze . The General director of shopping centre Ulugbek Salymbekov has assured me that anybody from tenants to leave a building do not intend.