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Revolutionaries of the ministries have not received

Parliament has considered government structure

Long and tiresome procedure lasted almost three hours. While people`s choices made the choice, in a lobby groups of support from each potential minister have gathered. Assistants, advisers, assistants - all have come to persuade literally deputies to vote for the chief.

- I will tell in secret, - the confidant of one of officials has conspiratorially told to me. - in view of that almost to each minister have reserved a sauna or restaurant. Therefore today do not go anywhere - everywhere it is occupied!

journalists staked at this time. And voting results as a whole have coincided with forecasts. Ishenbaj Kadyrbekov (Ministry of Transport), Naken Kasiev (the head of governmental body) and Emil Uzakbaev (he should head new structure the State Committee on migration) from members of parliament have not received approval. Zhogorku Kenesh has appeared also as it is fashionable to speak it now, genderno to the tolerant. It prokatil all women applying for armchairs, - Rozu Otunbaevu (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Toktokan Borombaevu (Minkult), Alevtinu Pronenko (Ministry of Labor).

many voices are unexpected the most elderly member of the government, already the head of Ministry of Health, Shajloobek Niyazov has received. It the beginner in a big-times politics, and 62 voices typed by it (more than at all the others) have surprised many. Marat Sutalinov, despite all charges in its address, has received 60 voices.

- today all underworld waited for results of voting of deputies, he has informed journalists. - it is obvious, the future of thieves and murderers depended on the decision of people`s choices.

that will be with those who has not taken place a parliamentary sieve? Anything. They can work as much as long with a prefix and. An island .

- When we discussed the Law About the government I suggested to establish term in one month, - speaker Omurbek Tekebaev speaks. - If the candidate for ministers has not received approval in parliament the president should bring in 30 days or its nominee, or someone another. But deputies then have not supported me.

while there are vacant fasts of two vitse - prime ministers. It is the most painfull question. Neither Danijar Usenov, nor popularity at members of parliament do not use Adahan Madumarov.