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Ghosts have located in the Bishkek cinema

On a place of the taken down city cemetery the inexplicable phenomena

Cinema on bones

very few people are observed Today remembers that on a cinema place Issyk - the Sack and nearby square when - that was a city cemetery with a chapel. On it it has been made more than thousand burial places. In 1953 the city authorities have made decision to raze a tomb and to erect motion picture arts temple.

Olga Fadeeva, - the daughter ekskavatorshchika, digging a foundation ditch under cinema building, well remembers stories of the father this time.

- the father said to me that when dug a hole, in it was full human bones, - Olga tells. - to builders it became bad. Under stories of friends and companions of these people much of those who destroyed a cemetery and erected a cinema, till the end of days nightmares and a sleeplessness tormented.

- When took down a cemetery, I was absolutely young, - Ekaterina Mihajlova tells. She when - that lived here. - I Remember, how bones put in one heap, and the destroyed monuments in another. Then all have shipped it in cars and have taken away. And human remains threw in the car shovels. Not on - bozheski have arrived, not on - hristianski. I always bypass this place, and as I pass nearby, I will necessarily cross.

till now here often enough do terrible finds. The grandson ekskavatorshchika Gennady Fadeeva, for example, has dragged recently home human bertsovuju a bone.

ghosts here are

Bad glory was fixed to this place for a long time. In Soviet period in a local press from time to time there were publications that any ghosts here are found. Ostensibly souls of the people buried here cannot calm down. But last years anything similar done not happen. The calmness as it has appeared, was illusive.

Phantoms in Issyk - the Sack it is possible to see not only on the screen.
a photo: Vyacheslav OSELEDKO

Hearings about ghosts have pushed me on excursion in a cinema Issyk - the Sack in which I never was. Now it corresponds to the modern standards: DVD - a hall, the binaural sound the First to me has met watchman Vladimir Kuprijantsev. It works here already since 1987. I ask about strangenesses any

- Ghosts mean, a leah that? - Vladimir Ivanovich laughs. - Saw... In a cinema, especially at night, someone`s steps, different sighs and other inexplicable sounds are always heard. After midnight when I go to examine video halls, at me constant sensation that someone watches me. There is, for example, on a ladder, and behind silent such scratch. I turn around, anybody is not present.

I Untwist Ivanycha on a detail. It not from the timid. But once was frightened strongly. In one of nights Kuprijantsev has come into the Big hall. And directly on a wall has seen a huge human silhouette with raskinutymi hands. First he has thought that its this own reflexion, but has there and then thought that the shade went from within a hall. The watchman in a trice has slammed doors and everywhere has turned on the light.

- The Main thing - to them not to pay attention, - Kuprijantsev is assured. - If you will give in, you will start to react to them, to be afraid, they completely will get you and never will leave alone. And so, you do not pay attention - and they do not touch you. I have already got used.

well, I think, the grandfather has invented much. There can not be all it But the watchman assures that ghosts many employees of a cinema saw. Practically all after that changed a work place. For example, according to the watchman, the fellow worked with it. It has come as - that into a toilet and was dumbfounded. There was there a girl - the Asian. All, of course, anything, yes here only was it from walls. Having looked at the guy who has hardened for horror, she has smiled and has left again in a wall. Next day the young man has left.

the cinema management confirms words of Ivanycha. Watchmen change here with unusual frequency. Something yes will come in dream to each of them. Even fearless students almost left at once. Said that employment at university became more. To admit that it here bojazno, have not wanted.

on navodke watchman Ivanycha I managed to find one former employee of a cinema. That, on hearings, even got to psychiatric clinic. Having learnt, about what I want to ask, it has desperately waved hands:

- Neither, nor, I will not speak about it!

There was I with it heart-to-heart to talk. Also it was possible to learn interesting things.

- as - that time I have fallen asleep directly in a hall, - Andrey (the name under its request is changed) has mysteriously whispered. - has woken up from not clear noise. Has listened, it appears, it groans someone. And so that already freezes soul. I have thought, can, to somebody it became bad And have gone on sounds. They all became more distinct And around - that is visible nobody. And suddenly directly over my ear someone`s sigh was distributed. It costs till now at me in ears. Here such full of a hopelessness! I have rushed to run. When I have told this story to colleagues, me have accepted for the insane person.

witnesses of Jehovah have come, and all has stopped

the Assistant to the manager of a cinema Issyk - the Sack Ajtolkun Ajdarbaeva first assured me that anything potustoronnego here did not observe. She lives with the husband directly in a cinema. Bypasses a building at night. Then, truth, has broken up also has told the history of a meeting with a ghost.

- once was, - she reluctantly admitted. - I slept here and had a dream that the people dressed in all white, asked me to say a prayer. I have woken up all wet. I began to read books. It has appeared that when people bury, it is necessary to say over them a prayer. If it it is not made, their souls cannot calm down in any way and wander in that place where them have buried. As to me one very old grandmother told, in 30 - e years directly on that place where I sleep, brought people at night and shot. We have read at once here fath (a Muslim prayer). After that I have baked 7 wafers, have smoked a room archoj and have put the Koran. Soon the dream in which these people gave thanks to me for the read prayer has again dreamt me. It is more than anything similar did not repeat.

watchman Vladimir Kuprijantsev assures me that ghosts have disappeared from a cinema here already as two years. He is assured that there was it from - for witnesses of Jehovah. They began to rent in Issyk - the Sack the hall, holds there the meetings and, naturally, pray.

IT has returned!

a bit dumbfounded heard, I go to walk on square round a cinema. Inhabitants of nearby houses tell a miscellaneous about this place. As soon as twilight goes down, through a public garden is afraid to go all. And not only from - for ghosts. Very often here various crimes are committed: pull out bags, ear rings, cellular telephones, there were cases of rape and mass fights with knifing. A place, in a word, the bad.

- we have moved here rather recently, - the inhabitant of one of houses Larissa Alekseevna tells. - This summer my eight-year grand daughters Cyril has come running home and has blurted out: the Grandmother, something now pursued me! Something invisible, but I felt it . I have not believed to it. After some days left to buy milk. To reach a little shop, it is necessary to pass through square. I also have gone. Already got dark. Where - that in the middle of a way I have felt on myself someone`s sight. Invisible eyes drilled my back literally. Has looked round on the parties - anybody. But I feel that someone comes nearer to me. Suddenly bushes In horror nearby have begun to rustle has turned and has run towards the house. You, of course, will not believe, but I felt, how my back was burnt by breath of the persecutor.

the frightened and pale Larissa Alekseevnu in a court yard was met by the neigbour - Vick`s gipsy. The woman to it also has told at once all. To surprise of the grandmother, Vick has not burst out laughing and only has said: It has returned .

to Find to Vick to me and it was not possible. Whether it has moved, whether simply for a while has disappeared. Garrulous neigbours have told, the stepfather Vicks, ostensibly the person of very unbalanced character, thrashed often both the wife, and the stepdaughter. It has been buried on this cemetery. As he has left life, it is for certain not known: by alcohol it has poisoned or hung up. There were even those who has accused the wife of his death. Anyway, all districts is assured, what exactly its spirit wanders in this square and frightens people.

except Larissa Alekseevnoj there were also other witnesses of the abnormal phenomena in this small lesochke. People heard sighs, terrible groans, someone saw a skeleton with a plait and flying dead persons.

but is also such which live here, but never with ghosts faced and concern them rather sceptically.

- I here have lived all life, - aunt Glafira speaks. - Saw, how took down a cemetery. But something similar to ghosts never met. Vraki all it. Spirits those who wants them to see


Old cemeteries see only take down in 20 years after last burial place when will expire the so-called graveyard period. The released territory can be used only under squares, parks or places of public using. Sometimes from the consent sanitary - epidemiological service of a place of the former burial places can be used for other purposes.

comments of the ecclesiastic

Alexey SYROMJATNIKOV, the priest of an orthodox church:

- When people die, their souls remain on the earth only three days. Then they depart on heavens. Therefore to consider that all these phenomena do souls buried, in a root incorrectly. All is intrigues of the Satan. Thus evil spirits specially frighten people to subordinate them to themselves. They create a deceit, illusion of what actually does not exist. According to the bible to be afraid of spirits - the big sin. Those who has faced the similar phenomena, should say a prayer first of all. It is necessary to come to shepherds and to tell about the happened. And these places to consecrate or sprinkle with holy water.

to data

That is still constructed on old tombs

- Directly behind hotel Dostuk where panel houses when - that was a military cemetery now settle down. It adjoined to that have taken down in 1953. Here the first city head Pishpeka Ivan Fedotovich Terentyev has been buried.

- One of botanical gardens of capital (it is probable, University on crossing of street of Belinsky and the prospectus of Zhibek Zholu) was a place of a mass burial place of the people who have died for hunger in 1932 - 1933. Long time in this territory built nothing, and the authorities have decided to make a botanical garden that people have forgotten about burial places.

- the civil cemetery is no time settled down on east suburb of capital. Now the part it is occupied with a final stop of trolley buses on crossing of streets of Lermontov and Salievoj. Nearby there is a school which, probably, also is built on a place of the former cemetery.

by the way

Where in Bishkek there are thrown cemeteries?

According to Bishkekglavarhitektury, in capital there are some thrown cemeteries. They differ from invalid subjects that has expired them kldabishchensky term and they are subject to a pulling down as nobody visits tombs of the deceased.

One of them - so-called brotherly - to Kyzyl - Askere. There the people who have died during the Great Patriotic War are buried. In 1981 there was a decision about its pulling down. On that place should make square. But this cemetery has escaped till today. And here now, after almost twenty five years, there were people who have decided it to destroy and construct a mosque on this place. However, as well as it is necessary presently, they have faced the official bureaucracy and cannot obtain the permit in any way.

also the thrown cemeteries are in:

- microdistrict the East - 5 ;

- around the Forge strong hold;

- in the street Ryskulova (around a new film studio);

- in the street Yakut (Gas - small town).

Their destiny is not solved yet.

Vyrezhi also save

If you have faced the paranormal phenomena:

1. Immediately call in rescue service. It is not necessary to hesitate, in such occasions here are converted quite often.

2. Clear the table, cases fragile and valuable subjects which can be dumped on a floor and are broken.

3. Be closer to the fire extinguisher if it, of course, appears near at hand. This means is required to you, if there will be an inexplicable self-ignition.

4. Try to be tactful to the frightened witnesses of a ghost or the poltergeist, do not accuse them of a deceit, drunkenness or hooliganism. Who knows, maybe, you will appear on their place Try, that these people have not defined in a mental hospital.

5. Visit a mosque or church.