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With a dry-cleaner not himichte!

Old things will serve to you yet one season if them correctly to prepare for a meeting with winter

When the finance sing romances, and the new thing in this season to you precisely does not shine, it is possible also for an old thing to give a decent view - to clean, tint. Deficiency of dry-cleaners now it is not observed.

- accepting a thing in a dry-cleaner, we look, a leah is stains where from what, a leah tried to deduce houses, - the technologist of a dry-cleaner of Public amenities centre " tells; Aruu Aida Dootalieva. - All it then will affect quality of dry cleaning. Often people bring things which some years lay in a case, it is natural that the old raincoat or a jacket any more does not become new. And old stains hardly will manage to be cleaned off. Suede and dublenaja the skin, and also a tweed and as it is strange, a synthetic fabric most hard give in to clearing.

The Market is flooded by cheap Chinese and Turkish things which do not have quality certificate, they do not respond any standards and are sewed frequently absolutely nonprofessionally. Such things are simply unpredictable. After the first chemical processing they lose the attractive external appearance. Latent defects, for example traces from the iron can be shown. More often on a product it is underlined that the dry-cleaner is resolved, actually after processing the thing becomes not so such what we want it to see. Here both the dry-cleaner, and the consumer operate at own risk.

sometimes it seems that on a synthetic winterizer without superfluous expenditure it is possible to wash jackets and at home. But such effect as from a dry-cleaner, will not be. After all on a thing there can be water divorces. Hands such big thing well you will not squeeze out. Besides houses it will not dry out.

- we had cases when people brought such jackets even after washing in the automatic machine . So do not try to deduce the house of a stain independently, - advises Aida Dootalieva.

Handing over a thing in a dry-cleaner, a collar to unpick not necessarily, and here buttons need to be cut off. Business in that, from chemicals they can fuse or lose the initial colour.


the Approximate prices for dry-cleaner services (in catfishes)

TD> the Coat demi-season
the Jacket, a short coat on a synthetic winterizer 195
the Autumn short coat 175
Vetrovka 140
the Jacket on synthetic 195
the Autumn raincoat 155
the Leather, suede raincoat 420
the Warmed leather jacket 375


- Have given to fur to a dry-cleaner a jacket of 46 sizes, and have received for two sizes less back, - my relative Nadezhda Petrovna complains. - Have rowed and have taken away kurtochku, what to us remains?

Similar cases, unfortunately, not a rarity. Not to get to such situation, each client should remember some simple rules.

1. Each dry-cleaner outside should have signboard, and inside the information on types of service, the price-list of the prices and the information on that, for what the enterprise does not bear responsibility.

2. The inspector should warn about all possible negative consequences of a dry-cleaner, describe in the receipt all already available stains.

3. At receipt registration the legal address of the executor, a surname of the customer, its address, a thing full name, colour, structure, completeness, an accessories which is available defects, and also date of reception and the termination of work and the sum of advance payment is underlined.

4. The special attention should be converted on filling of points on cost of a thing and deterioration percent, they usually remain blank.

- If quality after cleaning does not suit you, at all do not take away the spoilt thing, - advises Gulkair Dzholdosheva, the deputy director of the Bishkek state inspection on trade and protection of the rights of consumers. - if it will lie at you the house of 5 days, you can already prove nothing.

at detection of lacks the consumer has the right to gratuitous alteration of dry cleaning or compensation of the paid sum. With the receipt be converted to administration or to a dry-cleaner management and if measures are not undertaken - in inspection.

it is important!

Stains from a hair-dye, eyebrows and eyelashes, from silicate glue, iodine and medical products, vegetable oils and spirits are not eliminated.


- Leather coats and jackets can be cleaned a solution consisting of water, soap, liquid ammonia, and then to wipe to shine a rag moistened in kastorovom butter.

- To update lost shine, but so favourite leather jacket, wipe its glycerine or a fresh orange-peel, and it will begin to shine, as earlier.

- Natural suede can be erased in an ordinary soap solution. Water should not be hot, differently suede will cook . If you erase a jacket or a coat from suede a lining it is enough podporot from below and on sleeves that in a case usadki it did not pull. To erase a suede thing it is necessary quickly, without presoaking a product, trying not to rub it, not to unscrew. Having washed and carefully having rinsed a thing from suede, wipe its solution of chemist`s glycerine (1/ 2 teaspoons on 1 l of water) then suede remains soft.

- to dry a jacket or a coat it is necessary on a coat hanger in the clasped kind.

- If on suede after washing there were become shiny places, carefully wipe their metal brush, an emery paper or pumice. To iron suede it is impossible.

- And still such house experiences you do at own risk so it is necessary to reflect, instead of a leah to entrust business to professionals is better?