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We will teach Kazakhs to go for a drive on small motorcycles

Kyrgyzstan the first of the CIS countries began to cultivate

megapopular in Europe mini - bajk

From outside it seemed that all it is more similar to game - adult uncles (some even with beards) put on the present pressure helmets, kneecaps for softening of blow and sat down on motorcycles, the size more approaching for children. But on a passion line boiled. A leah a joke - try to make maneuvers on turns, when knees - at belt level! The flied chains, drifts on turns, the present uncompromising struggle on 200 - a metre line Approximately herein also there passed the fifth stage of the open championship of Kyrgyzstan on mini - bajku.

- All has begun, in general - that, with listanija magazine. Have seen such small motorcycles, have become interested, have decided to try - the main secretary of competitions Vladimir Dolzhenko speaks. - Children with a wide experience - the pro in go-cart racing, cross-country race, motor racing have gathered. Pioneers of new movement is 14 mini - bikers. 7 participants in a class men 4 - young men and 3 - girls . To the most younger racer Nikita Vitovu - only eight.

- certainly, it is more joke, - one of skilled racers shares impressions. - on the one hand, this kind not so travmatichen, as, say, cross-country race. But with another - struggle here too serious - acting in an adult class is available for the majority experience of large competitions, there are people very competent.

looking on brightly painted mini - bajki and richly looking accessories to them - gloves, helmets, jackets and so forth, I have thought: At rich, as always, the whims . However Vladimir Dolzhenko considers that mini - bajk - a sport very much even democratic:

Motorcycles - small, and competitions - not nurseries.

- All motorcycles by which there go our children, rather inexpensive. Them from China deliver, but, basically, quite decent cars. The price - from 320 to 500 dollars. It seems to me that at present it not such and the big money, which many presume to spend to themselves.

at this time on start at girls - state of emergency. At once two participants fall from motorcycles literally on the first metres. One of them quickly gets the car also rushes to catch up with the leader, and at another with a motorcycle technical problems. The upset girl throws it directly on a line and disappears in crowd of fans. Victims are not present.

At men and girls the question on prize-winning places will be removed only in October, at the championship closing stage. And here among young men equal, most likely, will not be Yana Yanin.

by the way, Kyrgyzstan became actually the first country in the CIS where the national championship is spent. An exception - unless Russia which has begun the superiority in parallel with us. Moreover, our sportsmen will put the hand to cultivation mini - bajka in the next Kazakhstan.

- In the middle of October the Federation of go-cart racing of Kazakhstan invites us to spend demonstration performances in Almaty, - continues Dolzhenko. - There while anybody is not engaged in this sport. Here they also want to show to the people, what is it


Mini - bajk is:

- capacity 2 - 5 horsepowers;

- speed to 50 km/ hour;

- the volume of the engine 40 cubic see