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in a new season the opera and ballet theatre will give spectators surprises

- For readers of your newspaper I, well, I will slightly open a curtain and I will open a secret, - the general director of opera and ballet theatre Timur Salamatov rubs hands. - The matter is that in a new season our theatre will let out some new statements. The first of them - ballet on Johann Strauss`s music Fairy tales of the Viennese wood . Statement of ballet master Urana Sarbagysheva. The premiere is appointed to the end of October. I will not begin to tell about other performances. Let it will be a surprise.

Timur Salamatov became the director opera more recently. Together with an armchair it has received the started economy of theatre. The building demands major repairs, money does not suffice even on necessary, not that that on new statements. Over the last 10 years here have issued only two new performances on money of patrons of art - Clowns and the Magic flute . For capital theatre with collective in 400 persons is very little.

- at us two troupes - ballet and opera. On - good, from each of them it is necessary to let out a minimum on one performance in a year, - Timur Salamatov speaks. - But afford it we cannot. And musicians and actors without new works appear at creative deadlock. Their skill goes down, they cease to work over themselves. It is Regretfully urged to recognise: the theatre collective has wallowed in secret intrigues. It too a problem which to us is necessary for solving. The best medicine, of course, work on new performances.

to carry out statements without the aid of the state and patrons of art to opera and ballet theatre it is unreal. Here simple calculations. In an opera usually from 5 to 20 main characters. Still the person 60 is a mass meeting and chorus. All of them need to sew suits. Plus - manufacturing of scenery, properties, furniture. In general, according to the most conservative estimates, expenses not less than on one million catfishes. Ballet statement manages usually half more cheaply. It is less than scenery, easier to sew suits. By the way, on ballet our spectator goes ohotnee. To reserve new performance for original statement costs even more expensively - about 20 thousand dollars it is necessary to pay to the composer and the librettist.

- with the stretched hand our theatre all time will not live, - the general director confirms. - we already gradually earn, that small economic problems to solve independently. At us has entered into tradition to hold chamber concerts for judges of classical art. In the Malachite hall of theatre selected public can listen to performances of our singers, musicians. And for actors it is stimulus to work over itself and to grow professionally.

musical salons are arranged on money of foreign sponsors. Among our compatriots of selfless admirers of classical art of unit.

But the most important thing, Timur Salamatov considers, - to return spectator, again to clear in it interest to the Kirghiz opera and ballet. That the collective also will try to make in a new season. It will open on October, 1st ballet CHolpon . Will give Next day the Magic flute Mozart.