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The leader of trade unions was under guards some hours

Sagynbeka Bozgunbaeva have detained and have there and then released

As we know, on September, 28th late at night in sanatorium Blue Issyk - the Sack the chairman of Federation of trade unions Sagynbek Bozgunbaev has been detained.

- It have already released, - has declared to us the secretary of federation on Thursday morning. - more anything I can not inform. Almost all our employees are at congress on Issyk - the Sack.

in the State Office of Public Prosecutor to us at first have confirmed the information that something about it heard . Then, truth, have informed that the militia yet did not report on the public prosecutor on an event.

we have made some calls to boarding house, but answers were monotonous: heard nothing, saw nothing, has just taken up work .

we Will remind that concerning Bozgunbaeva criminal case on July, 7th has been brought. Him accuse of plunder of another`s property in especially large sizes. The chairman of trade unions even discharged of a post and took into custody, but the court has changed to it a preventive punishment and has restored on work.