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We do not want to be closed, we want - to unite

Kyrgyzstan aba zholdoru insists on merge with the Three-copecks piece ejr

the Unique plane of the National air carrier has developed the resource. Money for its repair at airline is not present. But Kyrgyzstan aba zholdoru continues sale of tickets for the flights.

- till October, 2nd KAZH for example, can rent one more plane. Otherwise we will be urged to give their flights to other airlines, - the director of Department of civil aircraft Gennady Grjaznov resolutely declares. - People should not suffer affliction from internal problems of firm.

about rent of one more liner cannot be and speeches. Kyrgyzstan aba zholdoru - in debts, as in silks. A definite answer on a question where to take money? - at a management is not present. An exit from financial difficulties for the company a management KAZH Sees in association with the Three-copecks piece ejr . They even have thought up the name of new airline - Kyrgyzstan .

- we have money, you simply do not know, - the senior navigator of flight service " furiously proves; KAZH Zija Rashidov. - We will not stop the work. We need to unite. Only so we can survive.

however the Three-copecks piece ejr against association. After all, except a debt, in case of association under the threat of dismissal will appear more than 500 persons. With approach ill-starred on October, 2nd passions are heated. Last attempt to carry on negotiations between them nearly has not outgrown in fight.

- to unite Kyrgyzstan aba zholdoru and the Three-copecks piece ejr we will not be, - Gennady Grjaznov has declared. - the Unique exit from this deadlock - to create new national airline, so to say, from a blank leaf.