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The government is almost generated

Parliament has agreed to purpose of 7 more ministers

On Friday almost the history with formation of structure of the new government has ended. In the morning all knew that 7 candidates on ministerial fasts will pass a parliamentary sieve without problems. Three applicants - Adahan Madumarov (vitse - the prime minister), Alikbek Dzhekshenkulov (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and Sultan Raev (Ministry of culture) were the people`s choice well-known only. The others - Ajgul Ryskulova (goskommigratsii), Evgenie Semenenko (Ministry of Labor), Nurlan Sulajmanov (Ministry of Transport) and Turuspek Koenaliev (the head of governmental body) - beginners in a big-times politics. However, in an environment of Kulova repeat that from the command of Kulova in the seven only one - Koenaliev. The others are put forward by the president. To that an example Evgenie Semenenko. Till the end of last week he not bad headed the State enterprise Dipservis . As it has appeared in an armchair of the minister of work - it is known only to Bakievu. Kulov wanted to see on this place the woman - present vitse - the mayor of capital Nadezhdu Melnichuk or the co-ordinator of party My country Galina Kulikovu.

- All candidates presented to us for ministerial armchairs - frictionless figures, amoebas such. They will pass without problems, - deputy Marat of Sultans shared forecasts. - from them only Ajgul Ryskulova presumes to have to itself own opinion.

the destiny of Adahana Madumarova was a unique intrigue of voting in parliament.

- in the Morning in chamber any movements not clear have begun, - has told Ishak Masaliev. - Still yesterday deputies were ready to vote for Adahana. And something for a night has exchanged.

but members of parliament have amicably voted for the colleague. For half an hour to the announcement of results all already knew that it has collected more than forty votes.

almost all fasts in the new government are occupied. There was last armchair - the first vitse - a premiere. Bakiev and Kulov will propose a candidature in the beginning of the next week. Employees of administration of the head of the state and officials of governmental body already speak about fight of titans for last free portfolio.