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Registry offices will give out new documents

In the changed forms there is a column citizenship

July and August have stood out for registry offices unexpectedly strained. They almost did not have forms of birth certificates, the conclusion or cancellation of marriages. Printing house Kirland which has won the tender for manufacture of forms of the new sample, did not carry out the obligations.

- at us such situation has developed for the first time. Before other printing house never detained us, - Maria Alybaeva tells managing department of civil registration of Ministry of Justice. - At us conversation with a management Kirlanda has reached shout. And they have partially put us a quantity of forms. We have dispatched them at once on areas. While only on the average on 1000 pieces. We hope, in a month the printing house will provide us with forms completely. We will terminate the contract Differently.

Meanwhile couple of weeks back the government has accepted the decision and has confirmed new forms. On idea, only these documents now should stand out. But registry offices continue to fill old forms.

- them will give out, while they will not end, - Maria Alybaeva continues. - These certificates will have validity. Forms, especially for birth certificates, does not suffice also because at a passport exchange the metrics is required. And at many, especially old men, they are lost for a long time. Here also it is necessary people to receive certificates again.

the kind of forms changed and earlier. Each printing house offered the degrees of protection - water marks, patterns, colour of a crust. In new forms on edge of internal pages the inscription ", for example, is made; the Birth certificate . And in a corner there should be a hologramme protecting from a fake. The cost price of each form - 4 catfishes.

receiving the certificate, at once open and look, as it is filled. Record should be made by the handle of one colour, is legible, without deletions and corrections. The registry office press should be accurate. If the form is filled incorrectly, an introduced error employees of a registry office - write the application. To you are obliged to make the new certificate.

there is one more innovation. Earlier to refugees or the foreigners who were giving birth in Kyrgyzstan to achieve the birth certificate for the fumes it was very problematic. The newborn who has received the Kirghiz certificate, automatically became the citizen of our republic. Now in the first document of the child citizenship of parents will be specified. The similar column is brought and in the form of other certificates of a civil status - about marriage, about paternity, about divorce and etc.