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Position ABT national park " Russian Arctic regions " will confirm during MTH

Moscow, on May, 17th - News. Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources will confirm position ABT national park " Russian Arctic regions " during MTH, and till the end of 2011 will let out a detailed plan of development of territory, has informed on Tuesday on a press - conferences in News zamglavy Rosprirodnadzora Amirhan Amirhanov.

" Position will be confirmed by the head of Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources the nearest MTH and presented the public. Further, by the end of the year, the plan of action, so-called management - the plan " will be developed; - has told zamrukovoditelja departments.

At the initial stage WRK on functional zoning territory, as he said, will be spent and principles of long-term development of park are put.

As Amirhanov SPK, the first steps in national park territory will concern audit of existing polar stations, creations suitable 4 abiding of experts of structures, clearing of the Arctic earths of a chemical waste and the thrown technics.

the government Order ABT national park establishment " Russian Arctic regions " it has been signed on June, 15th, 2009. Its territory includes northern part of archipelago New Land, here there are bird`s markets largest in Northern hemisphere, rookeries of walruses, and also one of the major centres of reproduction of a polar bear karsko - barentsevoj sea population. The total area of park including sea water areas - 1,426 million hectares.

According to the charter, national park " Russian Arctic regions " carries out protection of territory of the park and state natural zakaznika federal value " the Earth Frantsa - Joseph " formed in 1994.

the Government of the Russian Federation in December, 2010 has disposed to allocate 23,4 million roubles for financing of activity of the state budgetary establishment " National park " Russian Arctic regions " in 2011.