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the Wounded man tjulenenka have thrown 2 doors vetkliniki in Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad, on May, 18th - News, Evgenie Rimko. Unknown persons have left a wounded cub of a seal at doors in veterinary clinic in Kaliningrad, the employee of clinic has told on Wednesday of News.

" The day before we have found literally on a threshold small samochku the Baltic seal, it not only that has been confused in a fishing network, besides is strongly bitten by dogs " - the interlocutor of agency has told.

Doctors have processed tjulenenku wounds that was uneasy as it could bite veterinary surgeons strongly. Conditions in clinic are not adapted 4 the maintenance of such animals, therefore its experts were converted into the Kaliningrad zoo W the request to take lastonogogo on rehabilitation where to them at first have refused, having referred to shortage of a place.

to Let out in the sea tjulenenka, according to doctors, it is still too dangerous: It is necessary, that wounds have begun to live, and 4 rehabilitation it is required not less MTH. In clinic have noticed what rescue an animal can in the specialised CTRs which are in Petersburg and in the Polish city of Gdansk, but to transport a cub through border W/ O necessary documents it is impossible.

In a press - to service of the regional government of News have informed that on requests of journalists and doctors vetkliniki to help to rescue an animal the governor of the Kaliningrad region Nikolay Tsukanov who has disposed to place a wounded beast for a while in the Kaliningrad zoo has responded.

the Baltic seal is under the threat of disappearance, it is brought in the Red book of the International union of wildlife management, Red books of Russia and the Baltic region.