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the Fire in reserve " Bolonsky " it is extinguished by forces of its employees

Moscow, on May, 19th - News. the Fire in reserve " Bolonsky " (Khabarovsk territory) is extinguished by forces of employees of especially protected natural territory, informs the ministry of natural resources and ecology of Russia.

Fire has come to reserve on Wednesday from adjacent territory and has extended on the area of 60 hectares. For days the fire has been liquidated.

As of Thursday in especially protected natural territories three fires operate, two of them are localised, it is marked in a MSG.

the fire in reserve " Is found out and localised; Bastak " (the Jewish autonomous region), the area passed by fire makes 72 hectares, of them of 14 hectares - wood.

suppression and patrol of the localised forest fire in national park " Proceeds; Pripyshminsky pine forests " (Sverdlovsk area). The Fire area - 200 hectares.

Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources 2 informs that in territory of Norsky reserve (Amur region) forest fire on the area of 600 hectares has AGN flashed. Struggle against elements is conducted by 41 persons, the river technics and helicopter Avialesoohrany are used.