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Sokoljata in Brest hatch within the next few days " on the air "

Moscow, on May, 19th - News. to Observe a birth of offspring of a falcon - pustelgi in the Belarus Brest it will be possible in a mode online within the next few days, has informed the Union of protection of birds of Russia.

Ornithologists - fans have established one and a half years ago a web - chambers in a nest on one of many-storeyed houses of Brest - W the help online - translations they have tried to draw ATTN to a preservation problem in cities of a falcon - pustelgi. According to organizers of translation, for the first year a project site have visited about 20 thousand persons from 97 countries of the world.

have arrived AGN in the same nest This spring of a bird, and supervision have proceeded.

" this year falcons under chamber supervision have postponed five eggs, and now both parents by turns them nasizhivajut. The period inkubatsii eggs at pustelgi makes 28 - 30 days. Any day we expect occurrence of baby birds " - it is SPK in a MSG.

to Watch life of birds it is possible on a site http:// birdwat˝h. by/ pustalga_brest2011.

According to ornithologists, birds lodge often in narrow ventilating apertures where it is very difficult to them to go in. To growing up baby birds it is close in such nest, they drop out and perish, therefore fans of birds arrange artificial and " improve " already existing gnezdovja.

" If all safety measures and birds are observed not disturbed, video observation cannot prevent " - News in the Union of protection of birds of Russia have told.

Pustelga - a small falcon in size with a pigeon. Last years, according to the Belarus ornithologists, birds began to nest more and more in cities, there are EVN local populations. The Brest population of a kind is the largest and totals rather 50 steams. The most big wild grouping of falcons in Belarus lives in one of settlements of the Minsk area.

" 4 Moscow resettlement of birds in cities is not news. We observe gnezdovja pustelgi from seventieth years. Were saved it is black - white photos " city " falcons of that time. In a city 4 birds there is more than food, and high-rise buildings, certainly, contribute in nesting " - Elena Zubakina has explained the representative of the ornithological organisation.

As she said, the Union of protection of birds of Russia is going to organise too next year online - supervision over pair one of usual kinds of birds of a midland. Similar " a reality - show " from a nest of white-headed sea eagles in the State of Iowa it is possible to look (USA) on page Raptor Resour˝e Proje˝t.