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Minkult and Office of Public Prosecutor 2GETHR will force cinemas to enter the monthly card

Moscow, on May, 24th - News. the culture Ministry intends to force to be connected cinemas to uniform federal system of data on electronic film tickets (EAIS) by means of Office of Public Prosecutor, regarding possible refusals as infringement of the legislation on copyrights, Igor Kallistov on a round table in News has declared on Tuesday of the deputy director of department of cinema.

the Presidential commission ABT creation of such system has been given the ministry in 2008. Throughout 2009 - go it was developed, since October, 18th, 2010 the decision ABT an obligatory order of introduction of system behind the signature of premieres - the minister has come into force. The subsequent MTH have left on the statement of an order of date transmission and formation is standard - legal base.

Now the system, on idea, could earn at the full capacity, however, agrees to the department data, from 7300 demonstrators available in the country in EAIS is registered only 1728, from them - 282 city cinemas. As Kallistov has told, introduction EAIS has encountered the fiercest resistance from cinemas.

Producers from its part complain that no effective tools of compulsion exist, as the law provides only penalties in 300 - 500 roubles - less, than the price of one ticket on 3D - a session in Moscow.

" We tried to bring up a question on increase in penalties in the State Duma, however have not succeeded. But we can consider it as infringement of the author`s and adjacent rights, and there already penalties - from 30 B4 50 thousand roubles, and the subject of infringement of the rights, that is a cinema " can be confiscated; - Kallistov has declared.

" Though sanctions and weak, but are a duty to observe the legislation. So our following action is a circular letter in regions to finish to cinemas that they will be simply closed. And the following letter - already in the State Office of Public Prosecutor, as preventive control " - the representative of the ministry has threatened.

As has underlined one of the largest domestic producers Sergey Seljanov in case the system will not manage to be started to the full, prokatchiki and producers will be urged " to put a web - chambers in halls and gauges in sitting ". The volume of the means which are received less from cinemas, by different estimations makes from 15 B4 50 % of the general gathering.

According to the film critic and the sociologist of Daniel Dondureja, " that at us really occurs - we of it do not know anything ".

" We do not have not enough display of the present political will. Last year all 75 million dollars from all milliard market has returned 2 producers whereas cinemas have earned more semibillion, on meal have earned as much again, have and more RCVed 18 - a percentage privilege under the VAT from the state " - has noted Dondurej.

At the same time, the head of the largest association of cinemas " is convinced; the Film alliance " Dmitry Kazuto, " it is necessary to make so that it was interesting to cinemas to be automated " that is that EAIS which as a matter of fact is data gathering system, allowed to buy 2 tickets through the Internet and payment terminals. Kazuto insists that large film theatrical networks are already connected to system as charges in the larceny are interested in control and the reporting, and, shown by producers on what are not based.

As the head of Fund of support of cinema Sergey Tolstikov believes, the main misfortune W introduction EAIS consists that " Nobody supervises over process. As very often happens, is not present either the uniform CTR of decision-making, or control over this decision. Isolated parts anywhere in any point do not gather. And we face it on all problematics ". At the same time, head of a movie company " the Profit " Igor Tolstunov is convinced that " to be engaged in business, without having the exact information, - delirium, and system introduction - one of the first steps 2 film industry construction as a whole ".

In reply to the insistent requirement of the Tolstikov to name term during which EAIS will start to work, Kallistov has informed that " by the end of calendar year the exit on full designed capacity " will take place;.