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Vladimir Shahrinotprazdnuet denrozhdenijas Wash Turman

Today to the leader of group a Chaif 47 years

We were executed have phoned to Vladimir Vladimirovicha when it went in a train.
where - that halfway between Kazan and Ufa. At a Chaif tour together with brothers Kristovsky. For today, on June, 22nd, concerts it is not planned, so it is possible to relax and properly to celebrate date.

- not - not, no special festivals will exist, - Vladimir Shahrin waves away. - I on tours.

it is 47 - oh birthday of our well-known fellow countryman. Only here with a family of Shahrinu to celebrate a feast it was not possible - has gone on tour. It for the musician not vpervoj: it on a broader scale it is rare in birthday there are houses. Last time - couple of years it has turned out back, then they with the command have removed club the Cellar also have arranged an excellent party.

- native will call, of course, to congratulate. And so - well, we will hoot, and you as thought?!

about gifts Shahrin yet in a course. But till now remembers, how about eight years ago colleagues on a scene have presented to it a vacation package to Paris. The musician has gone there for the first time, was lost in admiration, and has back brought a song Argentina - Jamaica .

- And on a broader scale I, of course, on 47 do not feel myself, is much younger: years on 27, probably, - Vladimir Shahrin assures.

- Results of year have brought?

- is not present. I not the oil company that annual results to bring, - have joked Vladimir Vladimirovich.

congratulates this remarkable musician and the person happy birthday! We wish it and further to remain young soul.