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Uraltsy wait for a miracle from a right hand of John the Baptist

Yesterday Ekaterinburg has met the greatest Christian relic

- I believe that the relic will help me! - with these words 50 - summer Natalia has fallen to knees and has started to pray.

this woman sick of an epilepsy, waited for occurrence of a right hand of sacred John, perhaps, most. Five years ago the miracle with it already happens.

- I was bitten by the tick. A hand has completely paralysed, - has told Natalia. - I did not know what to do, to whom to be converted. Doctors could not help me. Then to Ekaterinburg there has just arrived the Pochaevsky icon. And, you know, it has healed me! Now I want to ask for a relic of healing from awful illness, which muchit me all life. But the most important thing that I want to ask for a right hand, - that we at last have reconciled with mum. Some years we live in quarrel. We can not find mutual understanding. I believe that the relic will bring the world in our family.

a Right hand reliably protected by a bullet-proof glass of an ark, bore religious procession along the street Kuibyshev to Piously - to the Troitsk cathedral. By 17 o`clock at an automobile outcome, directly under the bridge, some thousand persons have gathered. Someone has come on foot, someone has arrived by buses. Was nonresident much: to capital of Ural Mountains went from all Sverdlovsk area, from Tyumen, Izhevsk.

women were in scarfs. And some little girls - teenagers in rvannyh on - fashionable jeans have humbly fastened on kerchief heads. Religious procession was late... To meet a right hand in airport Koltsovo has gone itself lord Vikenty.

it was found out Later that the relic slightly was late at the airport during customs inspection.

the escort from eight cars, at last, has appeared at the very end of street of Kuibyshev. Lord Vikenty left a reliable armour jeep, having control over an ark with a right hand.

religious procession has begun there and then. The huge crowd has moved along the street upwards. People, without being in time behind fast walking of several tens priests, ran on a roadway and said prayers.

- many of them will ask for a relic about healing, - priest Alexey (a temple of assumption of the Birth-Giver of God of the Holy Virgin Theotokos) tells. - But not physical, and, more likely, spiritual. If the belief has started to lose the force if it is necessary to be converted to god, here chance. After all the hand of John the Forerunner is not an icon, this corporal abiding sacred on our earth. As if the sacred reminds us that its mind and body on - former with us.

tomorrow the right hand will be in Piously - Troitsk a cathedral church. The cathedral will be opened all day and night. On June, 23rd in eight evenings worship service there will begin. After that the right hand will be transferred to a cathedral of John the Forerunner. On June, 24th it will take away to Chelyabinsk.