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Black loud-speaker over Sverdlovsk

As met a terrible message in our city


the Lion Brook has repaired 18 thousand engines

- I have got to Sverdlovsk already after declaration of war. Us all family evacuated from Ukraine. I dreamt to get on front, but 14 - the summer teenager have refused to write down in numbers of the Soviet army, - Lev Tsodikovich Brook remembers.
- but all minor youth has risen to machine tools that though something to help the country. I worked on turbomotornom factory, we made engines for tanks. For years of war through my hands has passed eighteen thousand engines.

Soldiers from other cities took the field in boots and windings, and our Ural tank case has been put in boots. And after all at that time at factory Uralobuv worked 13 - summer little girls. In breaks they played dolls.


At 12 o`clock in Ekaterinburg factories and cars

As in a city otmetjatden memories and troubles

10 will hoot. 00 Shirokorechensky memorial complex. Putting on of wreaths to tombs of the warriors who have died in hospitals of Sverdlovsk.

11. 30 district Officers` Club. Meeting - a requiem mass Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten .

12. 00 Minute of memory. Sound signals: all cars, factories will hoot. Display of entertaining programs will be suspended.

12. 00 dendrology park - an exhibition in the street on March, 8th. Putting on of colours to a memorable stone on memory Avenue is unknown the fallen warriors.

during the day on the area of Communards - the action Fast 1 with participation of youthful search groups of a city.

Departure of an echelon from Sverdlovsk station.

national flags all the day long will be lowered a little.
in all disctricts of the city flowers to monuments, military burial places, to memorial boards will be assigned. Will pass meetings in collectives of the enterprises, establishments, the organisations.

Dear readers, can, someone learns in these photos taken from archives of a museum of Metenkova, the native...
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