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In Ekaterinburg have cancelled a monthly fee for bedside tables

Yesterday Ordzhonikidzevsky Office of Public Prosecutor of Ekaterinburg has protested the decision of the head of area on introduction for inhabitants of six hostels of tariffs for value added services . On a plan of the official, since May people should pay not only for residing and utilities, but also for using beds, bedside tables and chairs. As a result the price for a room in hostels has grown three times. If earlier tenants paid on the average on 500 roubles for a room now their expenses grew to one and a half thousand. Naturally, people have been revolted by such attempt of increase in incomes in the budget and at once were converted into Office of Public Prosecutor.

as to us have informed in a press - service of regional Office of Public Prosecutor, business have considered in the shortest terms: within a week under the complaint of inhabitants the decision on illegality of tariffs was accepted. Now 1230 persons living in departmental houses, can be quiet: new tariffs are cancelled.

For as how much Ordzhonikidzevtsy should pay:

the Refrigerator - 56 rivers/ the people;
the Towel - 7,86 rivers/ the people;
the Bed - 4,26 rivers/ the people;
the Case - 6,55 rivers/ the people;
the Table - 2,29 rivers/ the people;
Portieres - 3 rivers/ the people

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