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Inspectors of traffic police distribute schemes of a detour around Belinsky`s street

already published the movement scheme along the street Belinsky and to nearby streets. It has come into force on June, 1st because from - for a roadwork have blocked streets Machine and Lugansk.

we already wrote that the drivers, trying to leave a city in jugo - the western direction through Belinsky`s street, abide, to put it mildly, in perplexity. And GAI officers admit that the detour scheme too difficult - together with Belinsky`s street unilateral became some more. Even now, when townspeople, like, have got gradually used to on what way it is necessary to go, all the same there are drivers who aim to drive under a brick - militiamen have not time to develop all.

like and so always stoppers in this place, and now still vodily leave on roads, start to brake, turn, look back sharply - as all - taki to drive.

And it is necessary instead of a straight line on Belinsky to go on Tchaikovsky, Tractor operators, the Sabbas White and to a lane Transitive - the head will begin to spin! Caring of readers and drivers, one of these days has supplied state car inspectors with special leaflets with schemes of a detour around Belinsky`s street. Now lost the way to drivers distribute them as the guide to action. Such schemes have appeared at car repair shops and in regional branches of traffic police.

Dear readers - drivers!
it is very important to us to know: a leah really what we do, helps people?
if the inspector has given out you such scheme, call us directly today!
And can be, on this site you at all have not stopped?
call by to us in edition to phone (343 379 - 27 - 72 today with 11. 00 to 15. 00.