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City camp will have a rest from children

the First change in city camps comes to an end after Day of memory and trouble. Therefore yesterday schoolboys have paid a memory tribute fallen on Great Patriotic War fronts.

many have taken part in military - sports game the Big maneuvers .
- We with boys played vojnushku earlier, but now all have built up with houses - will not run up, - fifth-grader Volodja Zemtsov from 197 - oh tells schools. - and yesterday we so have in a fantastic way run about, almost that as on real war. Especially I liked a minefield and a frontier strip, there it was very dangerous, but I was not frightened also all have overcome. Then there were questions on the Great Patriotic War... But would be better still has run about.

by a recognition of many parents, camp nurseries are very convenient. It is not necessary to worry about the child - it will always look after. And the main thing, every evening the child comes back home. However not all remained are happy with the summer holiday organisation.

- Personally I have paid for full change to be assured that my son will aimlessly not gad on streets, - mother of sixth-grader Oleg Perov Irina Jurevna complains. - All uselessly: the school worked every other day, and happened, and is more rare. That opressovki light is not present.


in Ekaterinburg works This summer 328 city camps in which 43 thousand schoolboys will have a rest.