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To beat « the Dynamo » sverdlovchanam Cameroonians

Directly before a match with " have helped; Ural Mountains both legionaries Makhachkala the Dynamo have gone on a hospital cot

the Sunday match uraltsev from one of the strong teams of the first league has resulted our fans in rough delight. After all many of them directly before game were tormented with serious doubts.

- we will beat dinamovtsev or not? - Fans questioned. - or by tradition business will end with a zero drawn game?
defeat Were afraid also. Even in spite of the fact that from the season beginning to hammer uraltsam at stadium an Uralmash still nobody could. All - taki the Dagestan command before the arrival to Ekaterinburg has lost only one match. Having overtaken all rivals, the Dynamo has shot up in the top of standings.

to support dinamovtsev, in capital of Ural Mountains of profit whole three mahachalinskih the fan. Have decided to take not quantity, and quality and, having armed with pipes, gave out such sonorous melodies that surprised all stadium. Itself the Dynamo it has appeared in Ural Mountains not with its full complement. In Makhachkala there was a black forward of the command, Cameroonian Samuel Biang. Directly before a departure to Ekaterinburg the football player unexpectedly was unwell.

Remained to sit on a bench and more one Cameroonian. Patris Tonga in day of game with Ural Mountains has declared that not very well feels and in the field does not leave. In a break during a match Tonga, being kneaded, somersaulted on a green lawn and amused the Ekaterinburg fans. More this black defender who has come in the Dynamo from " command; Kuban it was remembered by nothing.

and after all its clubmates very needed the help of the Cameroonian. Already on the eighth minute of a match uraltsy have scored a fast goal. Evgenie Averyanov has caused a stir. He has sent a ball in a grid of gate head blow, after draw angular. After the hammered goal dinamovtsy have frowned and have concentrated on the half of field, sometimes counterattacking. Uraltsy almost gate of rivals from apart without interruption fired. Especially was zealous Kostja Marks.

and the following time was remembered to fans by very strange goal. At first sight it seemed that the second ball in gate the Dynamo Denis Zubko has driven. However our forward has appeared here absolutely at anything. Our Vitaly Abramov, which on the run " has tried; has developed the defender dinamovtsev Konstantin Gomlenko. And that from unexpectedness has hammered in a ball into own gate.

- such goals actually happens much, - the happy trainer " has informed after a match; Ural Mountains Alexander Pobegalov. - you do not offend Vitaly, let this ball remains on its bill!

the head coach uraltsev Has declared that it is happy with the first time of a match.
- it was very similar to that game to which we aspire, - he has told. - in second half of meeting, unfortunately, the command has dried both the game, and game of the rival. Though we wanted to present the second time to our fans. After all they so supported us! But we have managed to leave forces for a following match - with nalchikskim Spartakom .


on June, 8th (environment)
stadium an Uralmash
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