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Bus routes have changed

Repair of roads adds efforts not only to motorists, but also the bus enterprises. MOAP already has changed some routes from - for a roadwork.

till August, 7th the scheme of movement of a route น 45 - from - that repair the bridge through the doubler of the Siberian path (behind traffic police fast) has changed.
Now at movement to a stop “ East “ the route will follow on a highway conducting in airport Koltsovo, then on a ring highway on this bridge and then to move down on the doubler of the Siberian path in a city direction. For this time have cancelled stops “ the Source “ and “ Bukhara - Ural Mountains “ also have entered stops “ on demand “: “ Gardens “ on a highway conducting in airport Koltsovo, and “ Bukhara - Ural Mountains “ on a ring highway.

the scheme of movement of a bus route น 17 " from tomorrow changes; Southern - settlement Ore “. The bus will follow from “ the Dirigible balloon “ in settlement Ore on Schwarz, Belinsky`s streets, Shcherbakova and Karavannoj, further - on the way to Ore. The decision on change of the scheme of a route is accepted in connection with movement restriction along the street Belinsky and movement closing along the street 8 Martha (underground build).

- We and earlier routes have changed, if us warn, where what works will make, - have told yesterday “ in MOAP. - And that turns out so that we on routes let out buses, and they cannot drive!

in MOAP yet do not know, a leah the bus น 17 will constantly go now on a new route - according to plan of building street 8 Martha will be blocked till 2009, and by experience of building of the underground in Ekaterinburg it is possible to throw this term safely some more years.
here one route from - for stoppers have changed for ever: from tomorrow the bus น 157 “ East - It is new - Sverdlovsk thermal power station “ Will leave now not from station “ East “ and from UGTU - UPI, from a final stop of routes นน 50 and 50ภ.