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The most expensive dresses of the Ural graduates

has decided to count, in what sum last school day of their children has managed to parents of the Ural capital. We have walked on several city shops: from the most elite boutiques to quite democratic.

for girls:

the Make-up
Services of the visagiste are estimated today in 5 thousand roubles.

a hairdress
In elite salons record for June, 23rd has ended in April. In usual hairdressing salons it was possible to register a month before the final. The most expensive exclusive packing costs 20 thousand roubles.
Besides, present graduates without exception increase hair. Cost of this procedure reaches 15 thousand roubles.

Escalating of nails too is popular in this season. Together with nejl - an art ohm (an ornament of nails drawings and pastes) it can manage in 2,5 thousand roubles.

the Dress
1,5 thousand costs the most simple final dress. And the most expensive models cost more expensive, than a wedding dress. Generous parents reserved collection dresses from Paris and Milan even in the winter. Classical vesper dresses of strict colours - black were the most popular, white and is dark - red. The price of such toilet reaches 120 thousand roubles. Shoes and a handbag can add to this sum of 30 thousand roubles more.

total: a maximum of 192,5 thousand roubles.

for boys:

the Manicure
Is unpopular (in comparison with female manicure).
However in a beauty salon where we have come, the day before ten graduates have decided to put nails in order by means of the master. It has managed to parents in 300 roubles.

a hairstyle
Even in elite salons the man`s hairstyle is not necessary more expensively 1 thousand roubles.

the Suit
the Final dress of the boy manages much cheaper. The price of the most simple suits - from thousand roubles. The good expensive suit costs to 40 thousand roubles. Shoes, a shirt and a tie - 10 thousand more.

total: 51,3 thousand roubles.