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In two months after that picture of Sasha has burnt down in the tank

on June, 22nd, in Day of memory and trouble, the photos made in Sverdlovsk in the beginning of war have been published. Yesterday to us our reader Nelli Alekseevna Tjumentseva has called. In a photo Departure of an echelon from Sverdlovsk station she has learnt in the first fighter in the bottom number of summary big brother Sashu Kiryanov.

- this picture is made in 1942 - an ohm to year, - remembers Nelli Alekseevna. - the Sachet here 18 years. To other children in that photo approximately as much. They only - only have finished Sverdlovsk tank school. And them at once have sent in the scorching heat: on the Kursk arch. In two months after this photo has been made, Shura was lost - has burnt down in the tank. We have learnt it from pohoronki which were received by mum. Then it, absolutely still young, had a first heart attack. To me was four years. When Shura came to us (mum lived then with my father, and it remained with the father), he embraced me, carried on hands, and me, absolutely small, it seemed the adult man. I such have remembered it. And I have learnt Sashu in because mum had just the same picture. It showed me it, cried over it...