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Edward Rossel has wished deputies to lift salaries and children`s grants

Yesterday the governor of Sverdlovsk area has read before Legislative Assembly the budgetary message - 2007. How much will these wishes are executed, it becomes clear in October when the budget project

About medicine

We will be ready have defined for itself a problem - to have in Sverdlovsk area 250 obshchevrachebnyh an expert. Today them at us 70, by the end of current year we will increase their quantity to 120.

About children

We also assume to increase twice the size of a monthly birth grant for all categories of addressees and to raise payment on the maintenance of the child in a family of the trustee and a foster home to three thousand roubles.

measures of support of children from socially not protected families Are provided. This free food and free journey on public transport for pupils of comprehensive schools. Besides, all pupils of initial classes will be provided by a free food, cost of a food by the pupil 5 - 11 classes at the expense of allocation of indemnifications is lowered.

To 2010 gross national products of area will grow in 2,2 times to level of 2000 - according to a wish of the president.
About industry development

In 2010 - 2012 capacities on the Sredneuralsky, Verhnetagilsky and Reftinsky state district power station should be entered, Is new - Sverdlovsk thermal power station on 1210 megawatt. In 2012 should earn 4 - yj the power unit of the Beloyarsk atomic power station on 880 megawatt. For start of the power unit from the federal budget it is planned to allocate 57 billion roubles.

about roads and the underground

We should find sources and increase assignments for road building in 2007 in 1,3 - 1,5 times, and by underground - in 2 times.

our problem - by 2010 to open automobile movement on Hunts - Mansijsk and to start in metro station operation Chkalovsky and Botanical .

About our salaries

the Average salary in Sverdlovsk area by the end of 2007 should be not less than 16 thousand roubles, and by the end of 2009 - to exceed 20 thousand roubles.
the size of a monthly average living wage per capita should increase in 2007 to 3720 roubles, thus relative density of the population with incomes below a living wage will constantly decrease and will make in 2007 12 percent.

the minimum consumer budget of an average family will increase by 8 percent and will make in 2007 about 228 thousand roubles.

for 2007 the governor has wished deputies to lift the salary to state employees of area on 25 %.

the budget Forecast

In an account part of financial balance the most part is made by expenses on: