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The armless artist draws teeth

Natalia Shindina itself has invented technics of the creativity

On light it was terrible to appear

Natalia Shindina was born in Tuva 31 one year ago. Its birth was terrible. Natalia does not like to speak about the misfortune. Her family history is simply awful.

the father cruelly beat pregnant mother. And when Natasha nevertheless was born, till three years nobody noticed that the girl was born the invalid. When about its physical inferiority the father has learnt, life in the house did not become absolutely. The loving daddy demanded, that mother has handed over the child in a nursing home. It, without having sustained tests, has simply committed suicide. Natasha nevertheless has appeared in a nursing home. After many years she tried to find the father, but that has refused to communicate with it.

in the childhood it was prevailed against by fear: really it never can go, something to do by hands? - Schoolmates have forced it to learn to go to 12 girlfriends. Two years it, overcoming a pain, did any improbable exercises. In 14 has taken the first independent steps. And here motionless skrjuchennye fingers of hands and have not given in to exercises.

- and a head there was one mad thought which has soon turned to obsession, - Natasha tells. - to draw native Tuva. But how to draw, when hands refuse to minister to you? The answer has come by itself: Teeth!

it seemed to me that I really am able to draw...

- Never I will forget, - being stirred, Natasha tells, - as for the first time took in teeth a pencil.

first it turned out nothing. From powerlessness it would be desirable to cry. Drawing has turned out unsightly. The girl has shown to its teacher on drawing. Its words: Natasha, very much is pleasant to me became the higher praise.

- She countenanced my scribble, - Natalia, - that it was difficult even to name drawing remembers. And to me began to seem that I can really draw. At me then is not present, not hands... As if wings have grown. When Natasha already lived in the house - a boarding school for invalids, she has learnt that the elderly artist - the invalid here works. The girl has taken courage and has approached to it:
- you the artist? I too like to draw.

- this person has made of me the artist, - Natalia speaks. - it has given me theoretical knowledge, technics.

Natalia behind work

Soon Natasha already organised own exhibitions. She drew native steppe, national suits, yurtas. The nature which has excited it on the first drawing, became a prevailing subject in creativity.

today Natalia lives in the Ekaterinburg boarding house for aged and invalids. Draws much. It has shown, how it does.

puts a canvas on a bed, kneels directly on a floor and, holding in teeth a pencil, does the sketch of the future drawing. On a table it paints the drawn.

the girl participated in creative festivals. In 2004 it became the winner of 1 tour of V regional festival Art bestows pleasure In a nomination Graphic and it is decorative - applied art . And still it has a treasured dream - to enter art school.