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To us Egor Titus goes!

in Ekaterinburg the landing of star football players

the Ural fans already will land have started to get used to arrivals of commands of premieres - leagues. Now stars come to us of once a year. Agree, not too seldom!

last summer football players Ural Mountains battled for the Cup of the country to " command; Saturn . Within the limits of 1/ our guys have spent 16 endings with ramentsami two meetings - at first on their field (a drawn game - 1:1), and then on native an Uralmash (defeat - 1:2).

Alas to make the way further on a tournament grid at bumblebees that time it has not turned out. Saturn led by the not growing old captain Victor Onopko of that time has fallen on sverdlovchan with all power so to cope with an impact aliens uraltsy simply - naprosto could not.

Now in 1/ 16 cup-finals of Russia our command will meet with Moscow Spartakom the most titled Russian club becoming the champion of the country of more than twenty times (since 1936). Sverdlovchane have got on Muscovites after 1/ 32 cup-finals have understood a match with Novotroitsk Nostoj . Game has come to the end with the bill 2:1 in favour of our football players, as a result Nosta has stopped the performance in tournament, and Ural Mountains it has appeared face to face with " command; it is red - white .

Bumblebees will meet with spartakovtsami twice - on July, 2nd and on September, 20th. On a lot, the first match has dropped out to spend on a house field of the Sverdlovsk command. So the Ekaterinburg fans can already see megagame this Sunday.

to Ekaterinburg spartakovtsy will arrive had a rest and pacified. In the championship of premieres - leagues now the big break, therefore the capital command all lately spent on gathering - at first in Turkey, and then in Austria. Muscovites will live in capital of Ural Mountains in a suite - numbers Atrium a hotel Oriental carpet . Before a cup meeting the command will spend some trainings at stadium an Uralmash .

One year ago Ural Mountains in the Cup of Russia battled with Saturn . On the home field sverdlovchane have lost ramentsam with the bill 1:2.

Today players Ural Mountains plan to leave for training base where will prepare for reception of eminent visitors. The plan of trainings at bumblebees remained former, however the management of the command does not hide that the coming nearer match becomes one of the most difficult in a game calendar uraltsev .

- Spartak will arrive to us in an optimum status. After all it had a possibility to have a rest and spend sparringi, - the head coach " has noticed the day before; Ural Mountains Alexander Pobegalov. - I think that Muscovites had time to miss calendar games. Moreover will arrive on our good field. Therefore I wait from Spartaka very excellent football. I hope that the same football can show and Ural Mountains . For our football players this meeting becomes good school and possibility to prove to be.

security measures during a match between Ural Mountains and Spartakom will be accepted very serious. At stadium an Uralmash there will be some hundreds security guards of the law and order.

- exact quantity of police officers we while cannot name, - have informed in football club. - but their quantity will be increased several times in comparison with usual matches.

such precautions simply Speak. According to preliminary data, 700 Moscow fans are going to arrive to Ekaterinburg already. It is said that one hundred person - for support Spartaka - it will be tightened even from Tyumen. And though meat fans are friendly enough in relation to local fans, to expect from them it is possible everything. Ekaterinburzhtsy are going to welcome capital visitors in a big way.

- Necessarily we will show to them that we stand! - the leader local the fan - groupings " has told about the plans; UFO JUrgen. - we Will show in all beauty our support to the command at stadium. I promise, you do not learn our fan - sector!

Spartak will arrive to Ekaterinburg, certainly, behind victory. Egor Titov`s command intends to snip off for a long time a country Cup. Couple of months back at it is red - white it has almost turned out. In a final for an honourable trophy Spartak has met CSKA command, but... Has lost this match with the devastating bill 0:3.

Meanwhile the Ekaterinburg fans do not need to be upset in advance. It is Enough to remember that in 2005 spartakovtsev on a way to the Cup of Russia in 1/ 16 endings of tournament has managed to stop Lipetsk the Metallurgist - club of the first league. So Muscovites in forthcoming cup matches should strain strongly. Otherwise Bumblebees fine them will bite!

once again we remind that the match 1/ 16 cup-finals of Russia will take place on July, 2nd (on Sunday), at stadium an Uralmash . The meeting beginning at 19 o`clock. We will support uraltsev !


Uniform cost of tickets for a match between Ural Mountains and Spartakom - 100 roubles. In tickets places will not be specified, that is at an input on stadium it will be possible to sit down on tribunes though as. Meanwhile tickets for the central sector ( 8) will cost more expensive of sector - 300 roubles. In case of purchase of such ticket it will be possible to sit down on particularly specified place. By the way, tickets will go on sale already tomorrow, on June, 28th! To buy them it is possible in points of preliminary sales: at stadium an Uralmash (a booth in an office building hall), at the Central stadium (shop the Prime minister - league an artificial field) and in cash desks of the Palace of game sports.

the PERSON of the RIVAL

Football club Spartak (Moscow)

Colours of club - it is red - white.
the trainer - Vladimir Fedotov.
Stars - players: Vojtseh Kovalevski (goalkeeper), Roman Pavluchenko, Fernando Kavenagi (they are attacking), Vladimir Bystrov, Maxim Kalinichenko, Egor Titus, Santos Mozart (it are halfbacks), Radoslav Kovach, Martin Iranek (they are defenders).
the Highest achievements of the command: the champion of Russia 1992 - 1994 and 1996 - 2001.
an official site: www. rus. spartak. com
Fans: for friends supportery ninefold champions of Russia - spartachi for foes - meat sometimes pigs .
Meat fans Spartaka have nicknamed in Soviet period. The command then was under a wing of co-operators. And to prick fans of the Moscow club, them first named shopkeepers . Pigs Muscovites name from - for the fan - a symbol - a wild wild boar. The largest groupings: Gladiators (Gladiators), Flints Crewe (The Flint command), Simpl Bojz (Simple children), Clockwork oranges . The Aggregate number - from above 2000 persons.


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