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At a children`s beauty contest is not present either diets, nor a competition

Second-grader Nastja Dobrotvorsky of Bottom Saldy has defeated competition the Small beauty of Russia . Now prepares for performance on mini - Ms. Europe

Nastja Dobrotvorsky has got on the Moscow podium directly from - for school desks. Only - only has had time to finish the first class and at once has gone on the All-Russia children`s beauty contest. Before she has defeated regional competition which take place in Nizhni Tagil.

at a children`s beauty contest there were no naked shoulders, tummies, other mini - bikini - all moderately. Nastenka looked the present Ural beauty. Left in a suit of the Mistress of a copper mount.

- with herself to Moscow it carried the whole clothes - except this suit, there was still a gold dress with a loop, a suit of the gnome for dancing competition and the present business suit. All is the Ice crust the designer from Nizhni Tagil sewed.

the Jury has chosen Nastju from 37 young beauties from all Russia.
Nasti had serious competitors, owners of many titles and ranks, with experience in modelling business. The competition at this competition was not. At least, so assures Nastina mum Olga Farafonova:
- Well, what competition! They still the small. And any envy!

- I there have made friends with the girl from Astrakhan, - the daughter there and then picks up.

if at competition all was sincere, envious persons were in native Salde. A family at Nasti provided enough: mum and the father - businessmen. Envious persons have there and then dismissed hearings that children`s platishko with a gold loop costs one thousand dollars. It is good that at school, among contemporaries, such conversations are not present.

the Small winner, fortunately, yet does not know even a word a diet . Any exhausting restrictions for the sake of victory her did not torment. Lives, as all contemporaries. Well studies. In the first class do not put estimations, but teachers Nastju praise.

- our girl took the spontaneity, she lived on a scene without any game and a superfluous coquetry, - Galina Landaner, the regional director of competition who represented Nastju at competition in Moscow speaks. - now on preparation to mini - Ms. of Europe the Ice crust the choreographer and the teacher of scenic skill is required. Soon Nastja will go to Antalia on the international competition mini - Ms. Europe - 2006 .