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The official of administration of Ekaterinburg admitted theft of 369 thousand roubles

For it court has allowed to remain to it on a former place of work

Yesterday the court over the chairman of committee on the housing policy of administration of Ekaterinburg Nadezhdoj Rajchonok has taken place. The Office of Public Prosecutor has accused her of illegal trade in municipal apartments. Remember loud scandal round searches in the mayoralty in November 2004? They just also were the sensational case beginning about frauds in a city administration. Affairs which with so loud scandal was closed today.

we will remind a history essence. In any new building every twentieth apartment belongs to a city - it goes to social fund. Under the law it is supposed that in these apartments will instal inhabitants of barracks, pogoreltsev, deprived. In practice them sent again in barracks or five-storey apartment blocks on suburb.

the scheme very simple. There is, for example, a constructed apartment the area of 30 square metres in city centre. From Nadezhdy Rajchonok blessing it changes on apartment in to a five-storey apartment block where - nibud on Himmashe, the area of 50 metres. On the area - it is more, but here the price of apartments can differ on an order and not in favour of immigrants. Here this difference also went to a pocket of interested persons. In total inspectors managed to prove two episodes. A total sum of a damage for city treasury - 369 thousand roubles.

yesterday on court the Hope of Rajchonok the fault recognised completely. Also has there and then asked it to release, having referred to presence of the minor child. The court has agreed. The matter is that in connection with 100 - letiem the State Duma is declared amnesty for women with minor children - here under it - that the official and podgadala.
It should not return at all the stolen money - amnesty does not assume any penalties, and confiscation of property and is not provided at all by the Russian legislation.

Moreover, Nadezhdu Rajchonok at all will not discharge from office - it and will head committee:
- Criminal case is closed - has explained us a press - the secretary goradministratsii Konstantin Pudov. - there are more than questions at us to it is not present. And never was.

we will remind that in September of last year approximately as its assistant - the chief specialist of the same committee on the housing policy Julia Kovalenko has been justified also. Her as accused of frauds with municipal apartments, but the court recognised all operations lawful. In the sense that there are no specifications which would forbid such turn of a living space. And time so, means, not very well who received money. Julia Kovalenko, as well as Hope of Rajchonok have released directly in a court hall. Nowadays it holds a former post.