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Classmates of the public prosecutor did not expect that the Seagull so will highly fly up

the General public prosecutor of Russia Yury Chajka has ended Sverdlovsk legal institute in 1976. On Saturday in UrGjUA celebrated 30 - letie this release. On a meeting waited also for Yury Chajku. But it has not arrived

the Public prosecutor was the builder

- on June, 9th Yury has called me and has told that is going to arrive for an anniversary of release, - Peter Azanov, odnogruppnik Seagulls speaks. - but last night after of it have confirmed to the post the public prosecutor, he has called back and has told that cannot arrive. Has promised that will arrive to Ekaterinburg in some days...

Peter Azanov remembers Yury Chajku from first day of study at institute. Both have come to high school after army, diligently studied, always passed examinations in the first five. Together played a faculty football national team and went in strojotrjad.

- I Remember, in 74 - an ohm to year have gone in Tavdu on base concreting derevoobrabatyvajushchego industrial complex, - Peter Aleksandrovich tells. - Lived in a hostel on four persons in a room. Though also it was heavy to work, but it were our very first big earnings!

as the Seagull married on the grant

Margarita Vershinin studied with the present public prosecutor in one group. Well remembers student`s weddings.

- Juru we have married on the second year, - she remembers. - Lena, the first-year student from teacher`s college was the darling. At that time guys from our faculty quite often ran to little girls in teacher`s college.

wedding celebrated in a local dining room the Petrel . Earlier students so did not drink, as now. Nobody has got drunk, fights were not. On tables was a few wine, vodka.

- same scarce years were! That children could buy from products was. Especially you will not clear up on the grant in 45 roubles. JUra married in 23 years. Just graduated from the institute. At once a newly-married couple has gone to deaf settlement Ust - Uda near Irkutsk where the husband took place practice in local Office of Public Prosecutor. Then it have translated on sledovatelskuju work to Taishet, and then the Seagull has got over to Irkutsk.

- in students anybody did not think at all that our guy can fly up so highly! - classmates are surprised.

- I am assured that Jura will be the good public prosecutor, - Peter Azanov speaks. - We are proud that studied together with it!