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Management of musical lycee accuse of plunder of 200 thousand roubles

Money have found in the safe at the director

continues to watch destiny of musical lycee (we wrote about the conflict between school and culture management in number from March, 29th, on April, 12th, on April, 15th, on April, 19th, on June, 17th). We will remind that the city authorities have decided to close unique in a city musical desjatiletku, having transformed it into usual school. Parents were indignant. On lycee protection there were people of art known in Russia. Even Joseph Kobzon has expressed the opinion against when it was reached by complaints of parents - ekaterinburzhtsev. But Kobzon all - taki is far...
the new facts have now emerged. Recently special commission has checked at school of accounting documents. It was found out that by cash desk has passed more than 200 thousand roubles.

this sum - money which the foreigners who have arrived, basically, from the countries of Asia pay for study. Evil tongues have there and then picked up hearing and began to accuse the director of lycee - Gennady Beljaeva - of elementary plunder.
that it: squaring of accounts and pressure upon musicians from the city authorities or indeed a lycee management was dishonest?
the gone money was this very day - directly in the school safe.

the deputy director Elvira Arhangelsky explains their loss and occurrence so:
- we had complexities with licensing of means under the clearing settlement. Therefore money left in the safe then to spend this sum for fire security of school. About it knew everything, including and culture management. Therefore shortage so have quickly found out.

contracts with firemen really are available. stolen money has started up at once on the fire-prevention equipment: fire extinguishers, fire hoses. The director of lycee Gennady Beljaev after such checks has got to hospital with heavy heart attack. The school management is going to bring an action against newspapers which have accused the director of larceny.

present and. Islands of the director Elena Rukavishnikov appointed administration, now in desjatiletku do not start up. On doors have hung out the decision of arbitration court which has forbidden autocratic personnel changes while all proceedings will not end. Therefore Rukavishnikovoj the teaching collective has unanimously considered purpose illegal.

the next preliminary hearing on this business will take place on June, 29th. will watch succession of events round lycee.