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The father has stolen two-year Masha at mother because the wife loves

In family quarrel has involved militia and mass-media

One week ago we wrote about a terrible case: in Ekaterinubrge the child in broad daylight has been stolen. We have told about how mother has left two-year Mashenku in the car and has left in shop. When left, the car has been stolen together with the child (see from June, 21st). Irina Jastrebova was converted into militia and has there and then named the thief: Vasily Jastrebov, her husband, Masha`s father. We even have printed a photo of the father with the daughter and have left militia phone: a pier if where will see, necessarily inform co-ordinates of the thief...

in day of an exit of a note about stolen Mashenku we have received the letter from Vasily Jastrebova`s colleagues. Those demanded a refutation and assured that Vasily the decent person. And we have met with the thief Vasily Jastrebovym. Here is how he has explained us this criminal History with stealing and abduction.

- we since December live separately, but till now are not dissolved. Since then two daughters I see only on Saturdays. I to it came, and we went behind products, things (so, according to Irina, it has been agreed between spouses instead of the alimony. - a comment red.) . While on shops went - with children and communicated. Has this time asked to release daughters for the summer to my parents to Chuvashiya. Irina has refused.

Vasily has flared up: directly in shop has left eks - the wife money, thousand one and a half, has taken away Masha, villages in the car and has left.

Irina has rushed to call to the native: the father - the former police officer, the brother works in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs. The militia has put Vasily on the wanted list. Photos have dispatched on all mass-media.

- at night to me have called from militia, - Vasily remembers. - I have arrived to a site, have written the explanatory. About that the child could not steal, as it mine, and with his mother we are not dissolved even not. Also that the car though is issued on it, but she at the wheel did not sit any day. I went always.

Irina does not deny that it was family quarrel. But is not confused from - that has taken out all it on a universal review, having exposed the father of children the thief and the thief.

- I already on divorce have submitted, - she has declared, - and about objection of colleagues... After all for certain Elena Merkureva wrote it (a surname is changed. - a bus comment) . Yes it its mistress!

... Here on me such stream of family secrets has poured out! As though not on work by phone talked, and in a keyhole spied. Also you will not understand, truth it or slanders of the offended woman.

- from - for the mistress all also has begun: it at first home has resulted it, has told that it is its second wife will be, and that she with us begins to live now. And he wants to take away children not that most to nurture, and that his parents nurtured them, - she is assured. - thinks, time the merited teachers so is better me will nurture.

Vasily too has, seemingly, understood that it is time to sue for divorce:
- the Court will establish days in which I can see children. And not how now: once a week. And I can, for example, for their month with myself to take to have a rest.