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Alcohol in Ekaterinburg will rise in price for 40 percent

Under a signboard of large Ekaterinburg alcoholic shop an extension: Till July, 1st all import alcohol - at the prices of the manufacturer . The easy agiotage here begins along toward evening. Many had for the first time a possibility to try tequila and whisky. If earlier the tequila bottle cost about 1200 roubles now it is possible to buy roubles for 700.

- we will not have time to sell all till July, 1st, to us this alcohol the salary will give out, - sellers worry.

however, in other shops future changes concern more easy. In one of the main things alkomarketov regiments on - former burst with elite drinks of a class the Premium . Whisky Chivas Regal - 1700 roubles, tequila Olmeca - 1200, cognac Hennessy XO - 4000. The shop administration has decided not to arrange sale.

- the prices for class drinks the Premium Remained without changes, - the selling assistant tells. - anyway, we will not have time to sell all warehouse stocks to black date . Will re-stick more cheaply excises. And here we sell Vermouths and domestic alcohol with the big discounts.

thin show-windows with cognac " are evident; Ararat and lonely bottles Martini Bianco .

- What vodka can be bought at a discount? - The approached officer asks the seller.

- with yellow price lists, - respond it.

the military man starts to put bottles in a basket, yet nagrebaet the full. With feeling of the executed debt the officer is developed and goes to cash desk.

- still it is not known, when it again will appear on counters, - he explains the purchase. - and to live - that as - that is necessary.

It now, in the afternoon, shop thin. In the evening a big agiotage: wines, cognac, vodka go in great demand.

- And what will do with martini and vodka which will not have time to sell till July, 1st? - I ask the adviser.

- joke? - That grins. - even without discounts we sell a full rack of martini for half-day. Vodka leaves even faster. So all warehouse stocks at us will end one of these days. Well if suddenly something remains, to ourselves we will take away.

on a door of shop the announcement: Dear buyers, since July, 1st the assortment of alcoholic production will be reduced . And in the next cafe of the price for elite spirits are lowered three times. I peer into the new menu on alcohol. It have printed specially by these days. To the eyes I do not believe: 50 grammes of whisky cost 45 roubles. Still one week ago it costed more than hundred roubles. And 50 grammes henessi (that that followed 600) sell now all for 145 roubles.

- unopened bottles we will return to suppliers, - barman Oleg tells. - But if you want to take at once a bottle, I to you will sell it. And on a broader scale, come in the evening - will see, how drink on sales...


Two months we will live without vodka and cognac!

- In July - August deficiency of alcohol will for certain be saved, - the head of the Ural branch of national alcoholic association Dmitry Taf is assured. - on July, 1st regiments with domestic spirits will become empty percent on 40, with import - on all 90. Completely the assortment will be restored not earlier than September, and the prices, most likely, will rise percent on 30 - 40. The difference will be especially appreciable, as now many have reduced the prices for import alcohol. And most of all losses suppliers as a result will incur - many institutions of a public catering return them not sold alcohol. Those excises, which suppliers have paid, when received production, nobody will return to them. It is not necessary to wait and spirit the rivers - alcohol with old excises will not pour out. It will return to manufacturers, and those will buy new excise stamps and again will send alcohol to Russia.