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Olesya Arkadeva has deceived medicine

Light from Ekaterinburg has given birth to a daughter contrary to science laws

All for the sake of the favourite!

For the first time our heroine has married still the little girl, in nineteen. At once there was a sonny of Sasha. But young have not got on together and have left. Only in some years of Light has met the new husband. Vladimir has appeared very strong and reliable man. The woman has understood at once is its destiny. Beautiful wedding, acquaintance to Vladimir`s family... So much iridescent plans were! And main - to become pregnant and give birth more likely! More likely!

- we and before wedding - that were not protected, - tells Light. - and after, to the contrary, tried to get in most dangerous days - in the cycle middle. Has passed year, another. Time left, and pregnancy did not come.

light has started to search for the reason in the illness. After the delivery Sashki at it was metroendometrit - a uterus inflammation. And though doctors said that the illness difficult period has passed, she all the same suspected the wrong.

- at me son Sasha grew, - Svetlana speaks. - it was possible to stop on it, to persuade the husband - a pier, to us one child to lift. But those who on - to the present love, me will understand. When the man you admire, when it to you is more expensive than the whole world by all means you want to make its happy. And, of course, for entire happiness it is necessary to present favourite the child, to continue its sort.

to begin with Svetlana has gone on ultrasonic research (ultrasonic). The doctor - uzist has told at once - a problem in matochnyh pipes. On them from jaichnikov to a uterus should move jajtsekletki towards spermatozoidam. But on pipes of Svety no movement could be. They were absolutely impassable. Though, on a broader scale - that, on usual ultrasonic it is impossible to see matochnye pipes. The doctor distinguishes them only in the event that they are inflamed and from it are increased. At Svety and was.

Surgeon Evgenie Gluhov considers - Light has extended the happy ticket

the Doctor has told:
- It is necessary to try to make laparoskopicheskuju operation, to try to restore pipes.


- I have agreed at once, - remembers Light. - Before operation the surgeon has asked me, a leah agrees I that pipes have cleaned. The pier, is better to get rid of impassable pipes at once. Otherwise they will be an inflammation source. But I have firmly told - do not agree. If is though a microscopic hoping against hope - it is necessary to use it.

on the statistican, the hope and truth was insignificant. Probability of good luck - one to hundred. The matter is that in pipes there are the eyelashes helping jajtsekletke to move. And still - microscopic glands which allocate a special liquid - a secret. It podpityvaet jajtsekletku while that is en route to a uterus, and too helps it to move. In a word, matochnaja the pipe is very difficult internal body. If at least its part is hurt to work is normal it cannot any more. And after all during surgical operation it is necessary to make an incision, turn out outside of pipe edge, to influence it high temperature. Damages serious! After that also eyelashes almost does not remain, and pieces of iron are corked.

that is why surgeons - gynecologists not painfully - that favour to plastic of pipes. Do operation, only if the patient categorically insists on it. - during a laparoscopy it has appeared that instead of matochnyh pipes at the woman - two sacks in the size in 10 centimetres filled with a liquid. This pathology is called gidrosalpings, - surgeon Evgenie GLUHOV, the deputy the head physician on city hospital gynecology explains 7 Ekaterinburg. It did operation to Svetlana. - from the ends both pipes have been strongly soldered. Therefore the secret which was allocated with glands, collected. During operation we have divided solderings, have cleaned the hurt sites of pipes and have removed a liquid. On matochnyh pipes plastic operation has been spent. Usually we recommend to plan pregnancy through two cycles, but the woman has become pregnant at once.

To our heroine has carried! In nine months it held the babe on hands.

- I have been assured that operation will help me, - Svetlana smiles to me. - did not doubt minutes! Knew that in city hospital 7 doctors who do miracles by hands literally work. Also believed. Light it is happy. In a lap at it - blond Olesenka. Father Vova worships the daughter, as well as in mum Light. And Svetina tells the mother-in-law to Olesya:
- You - my not come true dream!

because at it three sons, and she always dreamt of the girl.

the Dictionary

Gidrosalpings - a liquid congestion in matochnoj to a pipe therefore jajtsekletka it is not capable to reach on it a uterus. The reason gidrosalpingsa - the transferred inflammation which has led to impassability of both ends matochnoj pipes.