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« has found parents of the girl -

Today Anechka Afonin the father will take away the zombie home

We already told story of the girl which has completely lost memory (see from 26, on April, 27th and 28). Now it lies in neurologic branch of city hospital 23 Ekaterinburg and waits for parents. The father should arrive behind it any day. Anju the acquaintance from a hostel of Novosibirsk medical academy in which she studied by miracle has learnt. Now he lives in Ekaterinburg and has casually seen a plot about the girl without memory in telenews.

now we know that a surname of Ani - Afonin. She really lived in Barnaul, studied there in a boarding school. In native village Baeve there are no senior classes. And the girl capable, the clear head, parents could not leave it without higher education.

mum Ani - the teacher at rural school. Yesterday we have phoned to it.
- I cannot speak, - the woman in a tube sobbed. - for the present I know nothing! Husband Valera has left behind it. I hope that I will soon see the girl! Valery Afonin works as the geophysicist. All this week it has spent in search of the daughter. Has despaired, afraid that it already is not present in the live...

- all this time did not eat, slept at stations, has grown thin kgs on 15, - Dmitry Nikolays in department of search of the central Department of Internal Affairs of Novosibirsk has told to us. Here the father has written the application for loss of the daughter when has learnt about state of emergency.

why Anna has left to Ekaterinburg?
Anja Afonin studied on paid branch of faculty of laboratory medicine in Novosibirsk, lived in a medical academy hostel. A room divided with the classmate of Golden Zovner. Together rose in the mornings at lecture and made breakfasts, together walked, together got acquainted with guys. The security guard of a hostel - 25 - summer Andrey Sapov became one of the nearest friends of little girls.

- Anything such was not, - Andrey tells. - I and my workmate Slavka simply stirred with them, drank tea, walked. And where - that one month ago I have learnt that Anja leaves home because it have deducted. Since then I it did not see.

Anju have deducted for poor progress. Could not hand over the first session and with tails has not consulted. It was in March. In April it have asked from a hostel. Last days it there on a broader scale on illegal position a vein. Watchmen swore, promised things to throw out. And Anja did not leave a room. And home, to Altay territory, was afraid to go. It was a shame before parents - they almost paid year huge money for study, and the daughter of hopes has not justified.

eventually, has collected a bag with things and has told Gold that comes back in Baevo. Also that will necessarily call, as will reach. The girl-friend spent her to station - has helped to bear bags. Has passed the day, two, three, and from Ani there were no messages. Gold has not sustained also itself has called in its village. The father was in shock when has learnt that has occurred. The daughter did not appear, did not call, and it has rushed off to Novosibirsk. Very soon the militia has established that on April, 18th Anja took the train ticket 67 to Ekaterinburg. In the eleventh car. This inquiry of a distance at railway station.

the father has gone on traces of the daughter, has bypassed at us, in Ekaterinburg, all police stations, but anybody heard nothing about Ane Afoninoj. (Here after all at it neither relatives, nor acquaintances were not. And why it zamutnennoe the consciousness has chosen our city - not clearly). Exhausted, Valery Vasilevich has gone back to Novosibirsk - to wait, than search will come to an end.

the happy ending
And Wednesday afternoon has already met Anej Glory. And they have learnt each other.
- I sit, I talk to father Afoninoj, and the call is suddenly distributed, - tells Dmitry Nikolays from search of the Department of Internal Affairs of Novosibirsk. - on Valerii Vasileviche persons are not present, a sight gone out, it is visible that the person already prepares for the worst. And on that end of a wire speak - here, in Ekaterinburg, in hospital your Anja lies. Only she has forgotten all. Come and take away! The father has already brightened up! Has rushed on station, but the steam locomotive to you was not.

- Anka any not the addict, - repeats to me by phone Andrey Sapov. - And not the drunkard! The normal little girl, very quiet. Simply impressionable too. And imagination at it rich, certainly. It is not believed that at it memory simply so could be gone! Perhaps, it somebody has knocked strongly? Or still what has happened?

also will watch further Anechka Afoninoj`s destiny. Soon it will meet parents and, maybe, can remember all.