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Makovetsky has estimated Dogilevu

As the woman and as the director.

Before an exit on a platform the spirit at Dogilevoj was fighting. She scurried about on a scene and did not give a sign that worries. Has jumped out in a lobby in jeans and vetrovke.

- Coffee! Without sugar! - has thrown to waiters. - before has passed performance, it is impossible to tell about it, - she has shared with journalists and the beginnings there and then - taki to tell.

Makovetsky looked at the colleague with undisguised admiration. Even has lighted for stirring.

- when such eminent director as Tatyana, me has invited, I could not refuse, - it has joked. - I very much appreciate it as...

- As the woman! - the actress has prompted.

and on a broader scale, with the star structure Tatyana had to suffer: continually spoke to itself: patience, patience .

- Now I understand that such to work as the football trainer! - she laughed.

Before spectators began to start up in a building of Drama theatre, Dogileva has disappeared behind side scenes. Makovetsky has given smacking kiss to her in a cheek, but itself to leave did not hurry up. It with pleasure popoziroval How though I here have turned out? - He asked, playing with the camera and pressing buttons. - Eh, line I do not see without points.

before performance the eminent visitor has decided to be supported: took from a rack cakes, coffee and has taken seat directly here, in local buffet. However, for the most distant little table - that attention not to involve.

By the way

the Plot the Lady waits, the clarnet plays - a comedy with a melodrama shade. Tatyana`s heroine - Ljuba - covers a table, employs the clarinettist and remembers all men of the life...