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Ancient icons have given a secret sign

In kamyshlovskom Pokrovsk a temple on dark walls communities of Saints

- the Miracle began to be shown unexpectedly, speak? No, not a miracle, - parishioner Tamara Ivanovna Dudarenko (mum of the father of a temple - father Maxim) corrects me. - Therefore as that miracle by miracle to name, the special commission is necessary. And it... Simply fact.

the fact began to be shown more recently when a temple film studios have started to restore and return it an acceptable kind after long-term abiding there. Grandmothers - parishioners, fearlessly clambering on woods, washed plaster. And here slices of old frescos have seemed. But as tried to return to them a former kind - it was impossible. There were dark, hackneyed walls. Then have called local artists who undertook to paint anew walls in a temple.

- the icon is considered live while choirs were saved. And nobody has the rights anew to write such icons, - Tamara Ivanovna tells. - But here there were no choirs, only dark walls. And we have called our local artist. He/she is the person believing and worthy.

the Kamyshlovsky artist undertook to draw the Christ with the Magdalene. Has written a choir of the Christ, Maria Magdaliny`s figure. But when in one morning it has come to a temple and has seen, how the second choir of the Christ, drawing of the former, ancient artist is shown, he simply was frightened. The icon has revived.

is a sign, I should not touch an icon, - it was distressed.

anybody from kamyshlovskih is more than artists did not undertake to paint a wall in a temple. And the icon is shown every day all more strongly. After it Cyril`s icon and the Methodius began to revive. And in this icon too there is a riddle: three choirs were accurately showed only: two founders of our alphabet and Jesus. But there is still a fourth choir. It is looked through very vaguely and while it is impossible to define, who it.

On an icon it is obviously visible two choirs of the Christ. One - brushes of the old artist, the second choir is written atop.

Tamara Ivanovna shows the ancient revived frescos which obviously appear through drawing of the modern artist.

to a Kamyshlovsky Pokrovsk temple of 250 years. Two centuries ago just opened temple in a small Ural city have arrived to paint artists from Moscow and St.-Petersburg. Now among church-goers conversations go that among these artists there was Vasnetsov.

- Icons began to be shown during the moment when over them began to draw new choirs as if have let know that it is not necessary to do it, - tries to explain self-restoration of frescos Tamara Ivanovna. - But, maybe, these icons submit to us still any secret sign. And I think, it is a good omen.

self-updating of icons is to good

When icons in itself start to be restored, it is considered a good omen. In difference from mirotochenija which in consciousness of the majority of believers is conceived as a sign on future shocks (though it not always so - definitive expounding is given by the commission of local archdiocese).
And here updating is conceived as a presage of changes to the best, revival. Not without reason after all kamyshlovskie frescos have begun to revive only when a temple began to restore. And before in a cathedral, only have washed old plaster, there were dark walls.


the Miracle that these icons were saved

- it is possible to explain Self-restoration of icons, - the senior lecturer of stand religovedenija philosophical faculty Urgu, the state expert, the expert in religious painting Tatyana Ruleva makes comments. - When have washed walls under the influence of light more thin layer - an initial list began to be shown. And here that have started to paint anew a temple, without having called restorers is in vain. By the way, Andrey Rublyov`s frescos in Vladimir`s Cathedral of the Dormition too when - before them have found, have been closed by a new list... And all - taki that icons in a temple of Kamyshlova were saved, it is valid a miracle. However, Vasnetsov, of course, did not write them. Most likely, the arrived artists wrote frescos with vasnetsovskih sketches.

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